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  1. alovesjos

    Meds, Meds, and More Meds!!!!!

    I had about 5-10 questions with meds on the nclex. I don't think you can really ever know all the possible meds. Some people I know got only 1 or 2... other's like me had more. Some of the meds I was familiar with from Kaplan - but most of the time it would be thrown into a SATA or something. And that was the one that I stumbled on... should I click it or not click it??? Focus on drug classes, know how and when to administer them. There really isn't a whole lot more you can do. I had 75 questions total. I was done in an hour and 15. I felt like I had a good sense of when I was doing well ... questions did get harder IMO, and when I did worse ... questions would change back from alternative to straightforward. Got the good pvt pop-up 40 minutes later! Hope that gives you a little help. Definitely look at the meds in Kaplan if you have access. Good luck!
  2. alovesjos

    Taking NCLEX tomorrow (7/10)... Surgery on Wednesday!

    I think what your feeling is normal! I have never seen the PVT to be wrong - so I say you PASSED!!! I will do the happy dance for you till you get your confirmation!!! :yeah:I am sure I will feel the same way tomorrow!
  3. alovesjos

    Taking NCLEX tomorrow (7/10)... Surgery on Wednesday!

    Thank you! mrsks: did you you try the PVT???
  4. alovesjos

    Taking NCLEX tomorrow (7/10)... Surgery on Wednesday!

    Thank you all very much! I am so nervous! I finished the 6 sample tests from NCSBN with a 72% average. I think I am done. I'm just going to relax and read over the allnurses study guide. It's going to be a bad night for sleeping, LOL!
  5. alovesjos

    Took NCLEX today...how accurate is PVT?

    Looks to me like you PASSED! Yay! :cheers:
  6. Hi everybody! You all have been so inspiring reading your stories everyday about passing or trying again. :heartbeat After 6 years of college/nursing school (part-time & a surprise baby mid-way, lol) I finally graduated in May 2012. Out of 96 of us that started clinicals together, only 32 of us made it all the way! I have been studying for about 6 wks or so. I have completed all of the Kaplan Q trainers, Q bank, sample tests. I got a 62% on QT 4 and QT 5. And a 68% on QT 6 and QT 7. I finished 100% of the qbank with 64% correct. I did all of the LaCharity questions and scored between (60-80%) on them. And yesterday I did the NCLEX 4000 pre-test and got a 71%. I have also been working on sample tests from NCSBN and I have gotten in the 70's on them as well. I hope that I am ready. My biggest goal was to be able to walk into NCLEX knowing that I had done my best to prepare - and I think I have. I am sooooo nervous though! Ugh! It's making me nauseous! I know that we should rest the day before NCLEX - which was what I was going to do... but I can't. Not yet anyways! I am going to just do some more practice questions (alternate format) on NCLEX 4000 and then read over the All Nurses Study Guide (not endorsed by allnurses.com, lol). I will stop at 3pm and THEN relax! I don't expect to learn anything new today! Just want to practice some of the SATA - since they are the baine of my existence! Wish me luck! And good luck to anyone else testing today or tomorrow! :) I will let you know how it goes tomorrow! Ps. Also please cross your fingers that my total thyroidectomy completion surgery goes well on Wednesday! (And yes, I am crazy to schedule both things back to back - but I really wanted to be done studying by the time my surgery came up because I knew I wouldn't be into at that point. And I want to enjoy some of the summer with my 3 daughters before it's over!) Anyways, I was diagnosed with Papillary Cancer in June after having a large tumor removed at the end of May! My thyroid was found to be enlarged at a routine exam a week into my final semester and I had the first surgery the week after graduation! When it rains.... it pours, huh? I think I am due for some good news! Thanks again! :) :loveya:
  7. alovesjos

    NCLEX 3500

    i just did the nclex 4000 practice test and got a 71% i am taking nclex tomorrow. i have also done all of kaplan, lacharity, and a bunch of ncsbn sample tests.
  8. alovesjos


    i can do all things through him who strengthens me. -philippians 4:13 good luck to you today! i am taking nclex tomorrow morning!
  9. alovesjos

    Know any Nclex testing strategies?

    Pain is psychosocial except any of those 3 types of pain - because the pain is so severe the person cannot physically tolerate it. And each of those types of pain is associated with an obvious disease process - MI, Renal calculi, Burn. And can get worse quickly.... leading to death, acute post renal failure, infection.
  10. alovesjos

    Know any Nclex testing strategies?

    Except: Chest Pain, Burn Pain, or Kidney Pain ... which would fall under physical d/t their intensity! (From Kaplan)
  11. alovesjos

    Know any Nclex testing strategies?

    Always check the client before the machine! Example, vent alarm going off - check client, then vent.
  12. alovesjos

    Good pop up but didnt pass?

    I have the torrent link. You have to have torrent to open it. I use UTORRENT. I will pm you.
  13. alovesjos

    Took NCLEX today shut off at 75 with 22 SATA

  14. alovesjos

    I got the good popup!

    Yay!!! I was stressing for you! No one deserves to fail after all that hard work, because of making a stupid mistake! And boo to that nasty lady at Pearson! :yelclap::cheers::w00t::spin::hrnsmlys:
  15. alovesjos

    Prioritization, delegation, and assignment AH!

    I have the EBook and it is all questions. I just take the practice test and score them myself. Like 15/20 = 75%. And then I read all of the rationales for every question! I don't think you are missing anything. It is a good book. Not what I thought it would be. The learning is in the rationales. And you can see where you stand on each subject. If that helps at all?