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Kaplan NCLEX-RN Review Prep Discount Code


I am very interested to get the Kaplan NCLEX RN Review Prep but is very expensive. I am wondering if anybody knows of a discount/promo code that I could use? I need to take NCLEX soon and I have heard that this is a good review but I do not have a lot of money to spend.

Does anybody know of a Kaplan Promo/Discount Code that I could use for a Kaplan NCLEX-RN Review Prep? I have heard that this is a good review but the price is too expensive. I need any help in terms of saving some money to be able to afford this review...your help will be highly appreciated.

JustBeachyNurse, RN

Specializes in Complex pediatrics turned LTC/subacute geriatrics. Has 11 years experience.

Did you try googling? If you sign up for one of their free practice tests they will often give you a discount on purchasing one of the review packages.

My school got all of us who wanted it a 50% discount on the entire course including all the q bank and the live classroom. I would call your school and see if they can help

Thanks, I'll try to sign up in one of their free events.

That is a big discount! I'll try to check if my school could help. They had one class in May but I failed to join (now I regret not taking the chance). Thanks for your reply.