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hello all. I am currently taking the Kaplan comprehensive online. I did their diagnostic test and my overall was 64%


broken down it comes to:

basic care and comfort 73

health promotion 61

management of care 46

phamacology 75

physiological adaptation 68

psychosocial integrity 80

reduction of risk potential 64

safety and infection control 56

can somebody who took kaplan help me interpret this. what would you do next in my situation? my overall is really low :( please help.failed NCLEX once i dont want to fail again.


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i think thats a good score


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your doing good in a lot of areas..i guess focus on your weakness: management of care..i finished kaplan qt & q banks and i'm also working on my weakness which is physiological adaptation..


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are you getting around the same on the question trainers? I just finished Kaplan last week and our instructor said that - if you are getting 65% consistently and have answered 90% of Qbank and done all 7 question trainers - those are the people who are successful. On our Kaplan syllabus it says 65% is safely passing. So it seems you are almost there, maybe answer more Qbank questions but focus on the areas where you are more weak.


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Don't get too caught up in diagnostic scores. You are doing well so far. Continue to do questions every day and study the rationales and you should be ok. Good luck.


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thank you all for the advise, i really appreciate it. i will continue doing 150 question a day and keep studying the rationales.

to lizmatt: i have not done any of the trainers yet since i just started Kaplan last saturday. i will keep everybody updated when i start doing them. thanks everybody. i wish everybody Good luck on people who are taking NCLEX this month.


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Got 58% on the diagnostic. Hopefully improve it too after the sessions.

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