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kaplan complete international course

by nicolchik nicolchik (Member)

Hi ,everybody. I am a RN from Ukraine ( I have been living in USA for 6 yrs) I took my NCLEX_RN 3 times,and didn't pass :(

I worked with a tutor about a year and after that was kind of on my own studying very hard. But it didn't help. So i got this program Kaplan Complete international course. Would be grate to know if anybody took this progrm. Does it realy help? As more I answer their questions as more i get confused and my scores goes down . I did test 1 and 2 and both are 42% and 47%....:banghead: Before taking this course I did 69%, 72% ,77% with different books and questions .I don't know what to do or think about this..

The real classes starts on december 13 ,2008.

Please,HELP . Let me know what is your experience with this progrm.

Thanks .


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i took the kaplan review program here in the philippines and i find it helpful on my part specially their decision tree format on how to answer the nclex type questions..those percentage every after the exam are for me is not reliable because when i do get those marks above 60% mostly. Inspite of it i managed to passed the exam in just one take and stop at #75. goodluck on your next attempt. hope you hit the stone this time..:loveya:


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I think you need to find out why you're struggling. Is it a knowledge deficit, if yes which area? Is it a language problem, understanding the questions? Or is this a test taking strategy problem, how to take tests?

And then tackle that problem. If you studied that long and failed 3 times allready sth is definetly very wrong and you need to find out what it is.

It might be helpful to attend a refresher/nurse reentry course to get used to the different nursing system and to update your nursing knowledge.

good luck


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Moving this to the NCLEX forum

Check out Suzanne's plan, everything can be found in the stickies

It seems like this program has an updates,wich is good.they do this every year. My tutor was an "old school lady" . that's probobly why i coudn't pass my NCLEX. All she told me -that I am ready for it ,and she tasted me(i had realy good results]. But when i take my board- I FAIL...:cry:. I hope Kaplan will help. I am studying very hard.

Thank you for the support. Are you already working in USA?

The best wishes

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