Just took NCLEX


Just finished taking NCLEX. Test shut off at 83 questions with a TON of SATA! Got home and did the Pearson view trick and got the good pop up...."our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam". Is this ever wrong???? The suspense is gonna kill me!


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does it say "Contact the board member for further assistance"?


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No it's not wrong. You usually need to wait 4-8 hours to try the trick. There will usually be a pop up that says there is an exam in progress and the results haven't be compiled yet. Once the results are sent, the trick will work. I'm from Cali and we didn't have the pay option to get the final results early. Pearson VUE works.


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The full message says "our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time." I just checked again and it says the same message and I took it at 8am this morning.


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Congratulations!! They said it's accurate! :) How did you prepare for the test?


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Worked for me and everyone else I know! (and

those who got the "bad" popup failed)



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congrats! may i ask how did you prepare for the nclex? and how was it? cause i'm planning to take it this may.


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I am praying that it is true! Thank you everyone, makes me feel a little better :) . We had an live 3 day ATI review which really helped and we were given a few extra codes for ATI. I basically did all the ATI tests and Saunders. I also have the exam cram book which has a ton of questions Just breathe and remember, you didnt get through nursing school knowing nothing. You can beat the NCLEX :)


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I am worried I just took nclex this morning at 8 am I am in california so I finished about 10am. It shut off at 75 questions but I am not getting the popup did i most likely fail? :(


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Is t going straight to cc page??


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This is my second attempt I hope its wrong