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Just took Nclex...again

Today was my second shot at Nclex. First time it shut off at 103 questions and I failed, now it shut off at 80. I'm hoping I passed!

Good luck!!

Fingers crossed!!! Hang in there! :)


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Hope you get good news soon!

You are in my thoughts! Do not get too disheartened, you need that positive attitude!! You can and will do it!

Thanks! I felt much better taking this test, but I'm worried because it shut off at 80 and the first time was around 100.

Also, tried the Pearsonvue trick and it didn't give me a popup. :(

Also, tried the Pearsonvue trick and it didn't give me a popup. :(

Did you get to the credit card screen?

Hello All,

New to this allnurses.com and I am about to take my PN boards in 2 weeks and am absolutley terrified...I did not pass my HESI by 2 points we needed and 850 and I got an 848...so needless to say I am so terrified of not passing my boards!! Does anyone have any advice or tips to ease my mind on this subject!!

Desperate!!!! losing my sanity

Yea I got to the CC page, put in the CC info and hit next to the confirm page. Then I closed out so it wouldn't confirm. However, I tested at a location in IL for IN licensure, so I'm not sure if that has something to do with it.

We had several people who moved out of state right after school was done (to IL, TN, TX and CO) but applied for a license in NY where we graduated. All of them that passed got the same pop-up. I honestly don't think where you take it and where you apply matters. Sorry!

I really don't see how I could fail this time. I studied much more and felt much better after this test. Shutting off at 80 means I did worse on this test than the first at 100.

Hello Desperate,

The key is reviewing comprehensive exam questions daily, if possible. I worked the exam questions in the back of my Comprehensive Review for PN examination by Linda Anne Silvestri everyday. Some days I only worked a few. After checking my answers, I looked at the rationale. I also looked at some of the most common drugs and the S/E and pt teaching. I passed and am now a LPN. I failed most of my HESI tests on the first try when I was in school. The most important thing to do is pray. The day before the examine, review a little and relax. Be confident in yourself. You can and will do it!

I am no PVT expert by any means. I just know how it worked for my classmates. I hope it does turn out that you passed...I just don't think you did since you got the CC screen. Please keep us posted! And don't give up no matter what!!!!


Try to relax. My examine was stopped at 85 and I made it and I believe you have also. Just have faith in yourself, the school, which prepared you and God.

If the test felt I was "borderline" at 75 questions and continued to 80, how could it determine whether or not I was competent? I read on here that when you hit 75, if you are in that 95% certainty of failing, it will shut off. However, if you get to 76 and it shuts off shortly after, you passed. I know it's all here-say and I won't know anything for sure until I get my results. I just think it's ludacris that I failed when I was 100% more prepared this second time AND it shut off earlier.

It's my understanding that the majority of people will be stopped around 80-85. Most of my cls mates were stopped within this range. You are asked questions based on how well you answer. If you were weak in an area, you would have continued to receive questions in that area to see how proficient you are in that area. I would think the more questions you would have kept answering would have been an indication of being weak in an area. I think you did fine, but the wait is a killer.

Another thing I noticed, some said the PearsonVue trick blocks you from taking the test because your ATT is the same. My ATT was different than the first time I took NCLEX.

The wait is eating me up!!!!!


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From several thousand posts on this site, (look up pearson vue trick), the trick has never failed. I suggest Marlene's NCLEX review. I forget her last name, but I listened to her tapes for several hours a day and did several hundred questions a day. I hope that the trick is wrong in your case, but any way it turns out don't give up!:heartbeat


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