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  1. CR727

    Who got a WCCCD happy letter?!?!

    Hey everyone who started in Aug of 2009! How are things going for you now? I am finishing OB and starting MS2 in just a couple weeks! I am so happy time seems to be going by quickly. We lost a LOT in our MS1 class, and I am so afraid of MS2 now! How is that going, are you losing any? Pharm for the summer, looking forward to a reduced class load! Not sure how many are taking it now, I heard most take it in the summer!
  2. CR727

    Why am I doing this, anyway?

    As I glanced at this topic, I first thought that this was going to be a gripe board. After the day I had, I couldn't wait to vent and read what I belived would be a whopper of a good complaint. Truth to be told, it was exactly what I needed...a good slap. I started out identifying, laughing with the story. I went on to read and my grin soon faded, and my eyes started to water, and I ended up with a big and genuine smile. You are completely right, and thanks for your story.
  3. CR727

    WCCCD Med/Surg, please help!

    Do you recommend pharm during the second semester or summer? Also, what about m/s 2 and OB? Would you recommend one first over the other? PS Things have improved greatly for me, and I just have my final left! I am studying and praying it will go well for me
  4. CR727

    nursing career

    I'm finishing my first semester RN program. Over a third of our class is made up of men. There is absolutely no bias or behavioral treatment differences I've seen. I'm also a flight attendant and work on our hiring and interview team for the airline. Both of these professions were women dominated in the past. Again, we have gay and straight flight attendants and all of us are a team, regardless of gender or orientation. Nearly half of our open house last month was made up of men, and we granted just as many men interviews as women. Pilots treat us all the same, and in clinical the doctors and hospital staff has treated all of the students the same. Do NOT let your gender get in the way of pursuing an amazing career.
  5. CR727

    wcccd med/surg 2 question

    IF ANYONE CAN GIVE US ANY POINTERS, TIPS, anything you can remember at ALL - on the fluid and electrolytes or the final for Med Surg 1 (if you had M.S. or not) we can use all of the help we can get. He's failing the grand majority of our class right now and the class morale is in the dumpster. Thanks for your advice if you have any!
  6. CR727

    Just took Nclex...again

    You are in my thoughts! Do not get too disheartened, you need that positive attitude!! You can and will do it!
  7. CR727

    It's Just a Shower

    Simply amazing. Sometimes its the whole picture we look at, and the details shock us. These are the best stories I have read about the side of nursing no one can teach or prepare us for.
  8. CR727

    Patient Complaints In Spite of Good Care

    Agreed. And you have the support of all of us on this board. We have all been there, and it could have been any one of us. Some people are just unhappy, and will complain in order to bring others down with them to their level. I am glad you resigned, it is not worth it to let others determine that you have lesser worth.
  9. CR727

    Cinical sites, greeting cards and gifts

    I think it should be like any other situation. If you give a gift should be heart felt and approriate. If you had an awful experience and conflict with the instructor, giving a gift seems ridiculous unless there are alternate intentions. I gave gifts when I truly appreciated an instructor and believed that she went above and beyond for us. I am a better person because of her. The gift was simply a symbol of my greatfulness and respect.
  10. CR727

    Wayne County Community College and Oakland County

    How did it go?!
  11. CR727


    Good luck everyone, rest now and be excited, you deserve it!!!
  12. CR727

    When A Nurse Can't Offer a Hug...

    I read somewhere that it takes 7 hugs a day to remain emotionally healthy.
  13. CR727

    WCCCD Uniforms, etc.

    Ah, and real quick about the shoes, make sure you get a nice supportive pair. All white of course. But make sure they will be supportive when you're standing or walking for 6 hours straight.
  14. CR727

    WCCCD Uniforms, etc.

    Also remember that you will most likely want a few sets of uniforms depending on how often you do laundry and ironing. Some opt to send them to the cleaners because they hate ironing. It needs to be clean, crisp and pressed , and trust me with all of the germs you will be excited to get home and take them off and get clean.
  15. CR727

    WCCCD Uniforms, etc.

    Don't get too crazy with the studying because you don't want to burn yourself out before you've even started. Just know your formulas and remember your conversions and you should do fine.
  16. CR727

    wcccd med/surg 2 question

    Was MS 2 about the same level of difficulty as MS1?