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I am going to briefly tell you my story. I graduated Nursing School back in 2016, I graduated top of my class and thought I was going to pass Nclex right away. WRONGGGGGGG!!! This is the 9th time I take NCLEX. I've done "everything" Uworld, Hurst, Kaplan, Uworld again and again and again. I've gone over all my question rationals. This time I wanted to prepare a little different so I did read the entire Saunders 2018 version book. I went over my medsurg book from ATI and Saunders notes. Plus did more Uworld and Kaplan questions. I finished Uworld at 58% overall. I also did the assessment and got a high chance of passing. Honestly, I am not too convinced, I took the Nclex RN Yesterday afternoon and I got 181question. (by the way, this is the 1st time I get less than 265) for the past 8 times, I stay the entire 6hrs and do the 265!...i felt the test was a bit too easy at times and of course the math question I got was extremely easy. I did get a lot of priority, safety, delegation, bla bla bla blaaa. What is done is done and it's not like I can go back and change my answer anyway. I must wait till tomorrow to get my results. I just needed to vent a little bit because it has been a very hard journey for me and I really want to pass it, I can't wait to be a nurse to demonstrate my compassion and care to those at need! :(

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Well, if you did 181 questions, then you've done 181 questions. All you can divine from doing 181 questions is that it took the computer 181 questions to determine whether you passed or failed. Same goes if you'd done 75 or 264. Once you hit 265, a different rule determines pass/fail...

The hardest thing about these questions is not reading too much into them. There are no trick questions. They may be difficult, but they'll be straightforward.

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I just found out today that I PASSED!!!

Yup. very straightforward. Well I just found out today that I PASSED. I'm officially an RN,BSN

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Congratulations! Now you get to start really learning. You've now earned a license to learn and keep learning!

So happy for you!

Nice. Congratulations !!


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Congrats to you!

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