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  1. I'm wrapping up my last year at my local community college as I am almost done with my prerequisites. The next time is to apply for programs! I am so excited and nervous to take this next step I love reading everyone's posts up here, a lot of you guys inspire me and I am constantly being swayed of which specialty I'd like to be in one day. I shouldn't even be thinking about that right now because I have yet to start but I can't help it! With that being said, what is your favorite specialty and why? And when I mean specialties I obviously don't mean just for advanced roles. For me I LOVE the thought of assisting in surgery, and the thought of working with babies? (But not surgery for babies - that's too much :)) But at the same time FNP interests me to? I am just all over the place and I'm sure once I get into a school I'll know what I want to do. Psych sounds fun to as my two psychology courses I had to take as prerequisites were very interesting. ALSO, if you'd like, can you tell me what specialty you worked in that you didn't like as much and why? Was it just not for you or was it the environment/management you didn't like? My mother loathes the bedside position at the hospital - she loves working in home health. She feels more independent for obvious reasons and she loves being out and about during the day driving to see her patients. She's been doing it for 10+ years and loves it. She said the patient to nurse ratio was just crap at our local hospitals and that she was just so burnt out - it sounds like a lot of the stories I hear up here haha. Thanks in advanced for anyone who comments!
  2. AbbyLane

    The wage gap myth

    Respectfully, I have to disagree with you. Not your own personal experience in which if that is the case that's wrong and I'm sorry. I'm not going to act like that doesn't happen but today that is no where near the norm and atypical and also illegal. Not even in nursing. The vast majority of nurses in managerial roles in nursing of course are women. If we see a man earn a position in nursing as a manager or someone in charge, we shouldn't immediately think its just because he's a man, maybe who ever gave him a promotion saw something in him they didn't see in a female counterpart. I don't think we should be allowed to loosely say things like "it's because he's a man" nowadays because the facts and stats don't support that narrative. They used to 100% but not anymore. And out of all professions do you really think a female dominated field like nursing would more than likely promote a man more than a woman? Not only are the facts not there it's just unlikely. I don't want you to take offense with how I reacted to your post, I'm not disagreeing with your experience I'm disagreeing with your overall opinion, and that your situation statistically is a unique one in today's world. If that rubbed you the wrong way I truly apologize.
  3. AbbyLane

    Two weeks in-not sure I can do this!

    this is going to be so worth it when youre done. stick it out girl!
  4. AbbyLane

    The wage gap myth

    The "wage gap" people speak of is not a wage cap at all. It's based off of the annual earnings of men and women. Men do annually make more money than women because they dominant areas such as STEM degrees and higher earning degrees where women dominant in areas like nursing, cosmetology, etc. There's always exceptions to the rules obviously but I'm talking about on average. I also want to point out like what OP said, women take off more time annually then men do. So of course we are going to make less if we pursue degrees that don't make as much money or if we take more time off. Again this is annual... this is not per hour. Men and women make the exact same money per hour for the same position, with the same qualifications, starting at the same time. ALSO, before anyone mentions it, please do not pull the "we don't have the same opportunity" as men card. In many STEM programs across the country, you are at an advantage if you are a woman in terms of getting in because they need and want women to join such male dominated fields. The majority of us women just don't because most of us find interest in other things and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. As women, we actually have advantages in getting into college in general over men, look at the stats. If I remember correctly there are more women ever going to college and actually more than men, which is a good thing! And women overwhelmingly dominate the nursing field and also "manager" or higher up positions within the nursing field. So to act as if it is normal for men to advance much quicker than we do in the nursing field would be false. I am by no means trying to downplay what women have gone through in the past in this country and are still going through in different parts of the world. My point is if you go out searching for something, you're probably going to find it (men making more than women) but the overwhelming majority of professions are very equal and almost favor us women today when it comes to opportunity.
  5. AbbyLane

    Are We Too PC?

    yes. wayyyy to PC lol.