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  1. AbbyLane

    90%+ HESI A2 2019

    I am taking the Hesi a2 in a few months. For those whom have already taken it this year, PLEASE tell me what you did to get a 90%+ score!! I need a 90 to be competitive which is nerve racking. Even the smallest of advice will help, seriously. thanks everyone!!!
  2. AbbyLane

    Trigger Warning!

    Thanks OldDude I'm just a sucker for everyone being able to be heard in such situations like college lol
  3. AbbyLane

    Trigger Warning!

    It really is, when I first heard about them I was like.....this is real? and then I saw one at school and someone was so triggered they were screaming. Its a little...scary idek what to say when I see stuff like that. That's a lot too if they're very radical and even they think that haha, but youre so right this is serious! I hope the climate of this madness declines I really do.
  4. AbbyLane

    Trigger Warning!

    Thank you! There should absolutely be room for healthy debate and tolerance at college campuses. This is a time in our lives where we are exploring and sharing views, and cutting out certain views and opinions I feel causes division and less room to grow you know? lol! and tell us what you think!
  5. How interesting!! What a good read!
  6. AbbyLane

    Trigger Warning!

    And also, there are very few conservatives doing what liberals are doing on campuses. Conservatives are not destroying their campuses and shouting at people who disagree with them. There are always acceptations to every rule, if anything, as a centrist I know when I talk to a conservative on something we don't see eye to eye on, 9/10 they're going to be respectful and we're going to have a healthy debate/talk about it. I cannot say I feel the same with my left leaning peers. I just don't think they're the party of progression anymore. I'm a POC and I get called a coon just for agreeing with some things that are conservative. that's not fair. conservative peers don't do that to me. After Trump became president the amount of fake hate crimes skyrocketed. why? because people my age who oppose conservatives are willing to go to the extremes to make people they don't agree with like trump supporters look bad. Compare hate/fake hate crimes from left leaners to right leaners my age it doesn't compare. Look at the jussie Smollett case. I know there are of course normal lefties out there. I'm pretty much one of them. I'm just baffled at how unruly things have gotten and I feel like people are turning a blind eye to it because it's their party doing it. If conservatives today did half of these things that go on regularly here at colleges there would be an uproar
  7. AbbyLane

    Trigger Warning!

    I totally agree with you, I think I really harbored to one side because that's where the word "triggered" became so popular at colleges amongst this group of people. And there will always be ignorant, bible thumping people who have no tolerance for others. I'm a Christian myself but that doesn't mean I can't tolerate or love my brothers and sisters who don't agree with me when it comes to religion. They're not what I call real followers. There are radicals on both sides and I truly cannot stand either one. Like I said I think that I really got down to a science with SJW's because they are perhaps the birthers of this overly sensitive climate we live in. I know from my own experience when it comes to college age people I do feel like the younger people who lean left are more radical then those I've encountered my age who lean right. Just like how I feel older people who lean left aren't as radical (grassroot liberals for example..liberalism back then was nothing like it is now) as the older, old school conservatives (racists, homophobes etc.) And in some places we still do need people to stand up for what's right because some places aren't at a healthy level of progression yet, I wouldn't call those people SJW's tho - I would just call them your good, everyday person. SJW is meant to describe the overly sensitive who drive themselves off their emotions pandering to others and often make things out of nothing. (the micro aggression, 300 gender, xim and xer type of stuff) When it comes to college though there really is a bias towards conservatives. I'm not trying to enter them into the oppression Olympics but it's true
  8. AbbyLane

    Trigger Warning!

    I feel the need to comment because as someone who is 20, I can tell you this is a very real thing. So real that people at college campuses will scream and shout at you for just having a different opinion or view. I'm an independent/centrist. I hold both conservative and liberal views. With that being said....I can tell you that 95% (I'm betting) of people who believe in micro aggressions and being triggered are liberals. I'm bringing up politics because I truly believe where the root of this issue is from the 2016 election. Around the time Trump became president, young people who are naturally more liberal were upset. However, academia plays a huge role in this as most professors in my opinion are extremely liberal. Professors fuel this fear into young people instead of being non bias, open minded people. And before I go further, I just want you guys to know I don't worship the ground trump walks on or anything. I like a lot of his policies and then there are some I really don't agree with - I hold conservative and liberal values. SJW's (social justice warriors) can be found at almost every university, community college, private institution, etc. These people are nick named social justice warriors because they literally will go into a fit of rage when someone does not agree with them - mainly on social issues such as feminism, the racial divide in America, etc. They become very triggered and a lot of the time will start to cry and go into a designated safe space that the college offers (yes....this is very real. Google lol) A well known example of this is when a conservative speaker went to Berkley (a college that is historically known for free speech) a few years ago and riots ensued on the campus (there were fires, things being destroyed and thrown, etc. Google this also) before he could really even do his speech thanks to SJW's who were being violent. Keep in mind there are SO many liberal/left leaning speakers who come yearly to Berkley and most colleges around the U.S. I don't think banning and pushing out conservative voices in a place where full range of opinion and thought should be discussed is fair whatsoever. People are so one sided they're not even okay with someone with a different view or opinion come to their campus. This speaker like most conservative speakers, was not racist, a bigot, homophobic (infact, he's a gay jewish man) or problematic at all, he has a huge following with college age conservatives and gained popularity and toured U.S. colleges because if we are being completely honest - its hard holding conservative views in college and voicing them because there is such a fear someone will freak out on you! Then we go into why are they like this. Well a lot of this in my opinion has to do with social media. "Following whats trendy" is of course nothing new when we talk about young people. However, I find that a lot of these social justice warriors (most that I know, not all) grew up in middle class and upper middle class families. I find that a lot of these people have cars that are paid for by their parents and have tuitions that they didn't have to pay for themselves. What I'm trying to say that these privileged children have never really knew something that they've wanted to stick up for because they've been handed everything. So when they see things on social media or see their favorite celebs talk about issues that shouldn't even be issues - they feel compelled to stand behind whatever movement is cool at the moment because it makes them feel like they are apart of something bigger than themselves. Usually the topics these people are so radical about are not even major issues and half of the time they don't think with facts but rather their feelings. If you disagree with them and tell them why they will say you're being aggressive and talking in a threatening manner. These people also tend to love Bernie sanders and socialism? Like I said these kids have had everything handed to them so they don't understand the value of working and earning your way and of course they don't bother to understand economics. I'm telling you guys THIS is where the word became popular - college campuses because these people cannot listen or tolerate any other point of view and it is encourage by what they see on social media and professors. I literally was discussing a very mild topic with someone I thought was cool In my class and she said you are literally triggering me right now Abby. I'm sorry but I can't be friends with someone who thinks like that. What?? lol uhh okay I didn't know we all had to agree on every subject ever to get along, that's the beauty of America right? It blows my mind how normalized this way of thinking and acting already is. This is also why so many people who were independents or on the fence now claim they are conservatives now. There are radicals on both sides of the spectrum but as someone who takes from both I can say at least with people my age one political party is very radical nowadays versus the other. I'm not talking about grassroot liberals and independents, I'm talking about full blown SJW's and how toxic they are to society. Sorry guys I know this was long lol but seriously I feel like a lot of the younger people up here could agree with me. Also one last thing. I don't think "triggered" and its origins had so much to do with actual trauma - its main purpose was to shut down and disregard the opinions of others. As someone who went through a very real "triggering" situation about 5 years ago, it kinda annoys me that the term is thrown around loosely over things that aren't triggering lol. Its also annoying how everyone else in society is seemingly catering to these people instead of nipping it in the bud in fear of being called racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or 'not being sensitive enough' But that was my rant for the week, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk folks. Phew, lol.
  9. I'm wrapping up my last year at my local community college as I am almost done with my prerequisites. The next time is to apply for programs! I am so excited and nervous to take this next step I love reading everyone's posts up here, a lot of you guys inspire me and I am constantly being swayed of which specialty I'd like to be in one day. I shouldn't even be thinking about that right now because I have yet to start but I can't help it! With that being said, what is your favorite specialty and why? And when I mean specialties I obviously don't mean just for advanced roles. For me I LOVE the thought of assisting in surgery, and the thought of working with babies? (But not surgery for babies - that's too much :)) But at the same time FNP interests me to? I am just all over the place and I'm sure once I get into a school I'll know what I want to do. Psych sounds fun to as my two psychology courses I had to take as prerequisites were very interesting. ALSO, if you'd like, can you tell me what specialty you worked in that you didn't like as much and why? Was it just not for you or was it the environment/management you didn't like? My mother loathes the bedside position at the hospital - she loves working in home health. She feels more independent for obvious reasons and she loves being out and about during the day driving to see her patients. She's been doing it for 10+ years and loves it. She said the patient to nurse ratio was just crap at our local hospitals and that she was just so burnt out - it sounds like a lot of the stories I hear up here haha. Thanks in advanced for anyone who comments!
  10. AbbyLane

    The wage gap myth

    Respectfully, I have to disagree with you. Not your own personal experience in which if that is the case that's wrong and I'm sorry. I'm not going to act like that doesn't happen but today that is no where near the norm and atypical and also illegal. Not even in nursing. The vast majority of nurses in managerial roles in nursing of course are women. If we see a man earn a position in nursing as a manager or someone in charge, we shouldn't immediately think its just because he's a man, maybe who ever gave him a promotion saw something in him they didn't see in a female counterpart. I don't think we should be allowed to loosely say things like "it's because he's a man" nowadays because the facts and stats don't support that narrative. They used to 100% but not anymore. And out of all professions do you really think a female dominated field like nursing would more than likely promote a man more than a woman? Not only are the facts not there it's just unlikely. I don't want you to take offense with how I reacted to your post, I'm not disagreeing with your experience I'm disagreeing with your overall opinion, and that your situation statistically is a unique one in today's world. If that rubbed you the wrong way I truly apologize.
  11. AbbyLane

    Two weeks in-not sure I can do this!

    this is going to be so worth it when youre done. stick it out girl!
  12. AbbyLane

    The wage gap myth

    The "wage gap" people speak of is not a wage cap at all. It's based off of the annual earnings of men and women. Men do annually make more money than women because they dominant areas such as STEM degrees and higher earning degrees where women dominant in areas like nursing, cosmetology, etc. There's always exceptions to the rules obviously but I'm talking about on average. I also want to point out like what OP said, women take off more time annually then men do. So of course we are going to make less if we pursue degrees that don't make as much money or if we take more time off. Again this is annual... this is not per hour. Men and women make the exact same money per hour for the same position, with the same qualifications, starting at the same time. ALSO, before anyone mentions it, please do not pull the "we don't have the same opportunity" as men card. In many STEM programs across the country, you are at an advantage if you are a woman in terms of getting in because they need and want women to join such male dominated fields. The majority of us women just don't because most of us find interest in other things and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. As women, we actually have advantages in getting into college in general over men, look at the stats. If I remember correctly there are more women ever going to college and actually more than men, which is a good thing! And women overwhelmingly dominate the nursing field and also "manager" or higher up positions within the nursing field. So to act as if it is normal for men to advance much quicker than we do in the nursing field would be false. I am by no means trying to downplay what women have gone through in the past in this country and are still going through in different parts of the world. My point is if you go out searching for something, you're probably going to find it (men making more than women) but the overwhelming majority of professions are very equal and almost favor us women today when it comes to opportunity.
  13. AbbyLane

    Are We Too PC?

    yes. wayyyy to PC lol.