Just took boards yesterday!!!


As my computer cut off at 75 questions...I was like THAT'S IT!!! I studyied from 4 different sources and had a review coarse. Non of the questions were anything like I studied. I felt like I could have rolled out of bed and took that test wthout studying. :uhoh21:Nothing prepared me for the type of questions I had. It was prority and alot of newer medications. Kaplan can't prepare you for them type of questions. They didn't even reflect anything from the hospital. I just pray I passed, because I don't even want to think about restudying and getting the same kind of test.


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Just pray because GOD hears your prayers and knows your heart. I thought for sure I failed and just found out 30 min ago I am a registered nurse! I had 86 questions, and was nervous!

You will make it! Just believe and pray.


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my test sounded exactly like yours. tons of meds that i'd never heard of before, lots of priority questions...cut off at 75, was positive (i mean positive) that i had failed. i even started to look up things about re registering and how long i had to wait to take it again. found out today i passed. the harder the questions, the better. if you were sitting there like "what the...????" then that's a good sign, even though it doesn't feel very good. the test is designed to make you think you did your worst. try to relax, i know waiting is the hardest. let us know how it turns out! good luck!

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I'm thinking positively for you, and I bet you passed ...please post when the torture is over and you find out!


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