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Hello everyone, so glad I found this site!

I start my LPN program in 1 month. I am so nervous. Though I have no doubt that I will do well, I am really nervous about what I am about to get myself into. I am a 31 year old mom of 4- ages 10, 4, 3, and 1 years old. I am married and my husband is a self employed contractor. Which is good b/c he will be able to work his schedule around my school time(which is evenings 6-10 p.m)

I am not so lucky in having supportive people around me. Everyone is like "how are you going to study, with all them kids around?" or my personal favorite, "do you know how hard this is going to be?" and while at first, I told them to all go suck it, now I am starting to question myself.

I would really like to hear from people like me, that are doing it, while being a sahm and are not having their houses fall apart. How did you study, was it all as hard as I think or what? Thanks so much.


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Boy, we live similar lives. I'm 31, married, and my children are 12, 8, 4 and 1. My husband is also a self employed financial advisor, which makes child care of the younger two a little easier since they can go to work with daddy if need be.

I'm only taking a part time program also. I go 2-3 days a week (8 to 2:30) for 22 months.

I usually get up early (before anyone is up) and study. That is the only time that I'm not overly tired and I can get peace and quiet around here (I'm sure you can relate).

As for my program, it's not too bad. We average around 1 major test a week with a quiz everyday.

I'll tell you what my husband said to me when I was doubting myself. In regards to finding time to study he said "If you want it bad enough, you will find the time to study". With that being said, go for it. You can do it. Two years is going to pass no matter what. You might as well achieve an LPN license in that time frame.

If I can ever help in anyway, don't hesitate to PM me.

Good luck and I look forward to reading about your experiences regarding your program.



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thanks Marci, Its nice to know that theres someone out there like me doing it! ;)


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It will be hard, but, it takes a bit of time to get used to the demands of nursing school. It took me about a month. It was different for me, though, because my son was in high school and my husband worked evenings. I was not working at all, but still, it was challenging to get a reliable study method going, preparing for clinicals and exams, and getting my nerves in order. You will find a rhythm. And, get the kids to help out with as much as they can. Give them assigned chores and praise them when they do it, get your husband's input and help as well. Once you get a schedule together and are able to see how much time you have to put into everything, it will work out if you are determined enough. Good luck to you!


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thanks! I have been making my dh get the kids ready for bed (baths and their night routines) I was also thinking of implementing a a "chore chart" more for hubby me and the older kiddo. I guess being organized is a good way to get things under control.:idea:


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I will be in the same boat as you (with three kids) come April! I am excited and scared as well...but don't doubt yourself momma!! People who question you are probably jealous that they have not gone back to school or something. BTDT

I think we are lucky in that we are SAHM's - but we will still have our challenges. I will be very curious to see you start posting when you get started to see how it is going. Good Luck!!!!



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I am a SAHM of 2 (ages 4 and 2) and I will start a full time program in April (M-F 8-5). If there's anything I have learned from this site it is that the people on here will support you.

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My friend in LPN school had 4 children all under 7 when we started school and a less than supportive husband and she made it through a 17 month long 4 day a week program and then we went to RN school together and finished it. It is very discouraging at times and stressfull but you CAN do it. Times will be tough and it will seem like all you do it eat sleep and think nursing school, but in the end your family will be soooo proud of you! And it is ok to fail a test that doesn't mean you will be a bad nurse, so if you are feeling down and want to spend time with your family instead of study do it you'll be fine.

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