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What is the Qtrainer test!?

Our school had us buy the entire Kaplan product and we used it sporadically through out our second year.

Under the NCLEX Prep tab there was a section called Question Trainers. There are seven of them. They start out easier and shorter (75 questions) and basically got harder and longer, the last one being 265 questions. We were instructed to use these all as practice tests... to find uninterrupted time, sit at a straight back chair with table or desk and not to have any phones, food or drink. They are timed, so we could "take breaks" and it would give us an idea of what it was going to be like for NCLEX and how long it would take us if we got the whole 265 questions possible.

When you sit down for your NCLEX, the screen will look almost identical to Kaplan... including the colors.

Kaplan also had 4 Sample Tests, a predictor test (that we had to do in lab with an instructor watching us) and a readiness test, plus the qbank. I did all of these.


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What is the Qtrainer test!?

Sorry, It has been 2 years since NCLEX studying. I meant Qbank test 6 & 7. They are the most representative of NCLEX in types of questions (content and format) and length.

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