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First time posting ever before , I just took the nclex-pn exam two hours ago so im still trying to destress. The computer cut off on me at 86 questions I feel that i did not pass because half of the stuff I was guessing on and using the process of elimnation. I didnt get any math questions. I no i got some of the questions right but they were to easy so im thinking were there try out questions. I also got a lot drug questions i did not no, were i had to use the answers to answer the question. Im just scared if anyone have any positive words or encoragement I need to hear them. :wink2:


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Mine stopped at 75, and so did my heart. Try not to fret, you should be able to get your results in 24-48 hours. It's a CAT test so there's no way to really know what the computer's thinking during the test because you're focusing on the questions. Best of luck to you and worst case scenario, take it again. You graduated, didn't you! Some people just freeze up during the test itself. You must know your stuff or you wouldn't have graduated. In my school, they didn't give any points you didn't earn, so take a deep breath and think simple positive thoughts. It's just another bridge on your road to success :) Good luck!


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Welcome to Allnurses.

It's a dreadful test and everyone feels like they've failed. Hang in there. :)

Thanks i needed that, you are right I earned every point and its not the end of the world, because i can take the test again.

Im hanging in there, however i do feel better sence i been reading the forums

I prayed for you! Let us know, best wishes!

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Good luck to you!


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Try to relax, wishing you the very best

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Good luck with your results!! The number of questions doesn't mean anything. Everyone feels like they failed after taking it so you are not alone. :) I wish you the best. Hoping you passed!

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Mostly everyone I know walked out of NCLEX feeling like dog dump and saying "What the heck was THAT???" Wishing you the very best of luck!

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