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Just need to rant so here I go.......I accepted a position not long ago within a highly desired entity. While working for this entity does have its perks like the amount of annual leave and sick leave it has been a major disappointment as far as work ethics and environment goes. Incompetence and a lowering of practice standards permeates the place and seems to be expected and accepted. The old high school mentality seems to rule the place and gossip and cliques are prevalent. Management talks about employees to other employees and favoritism runs amuck. Management cannot be trusted with any information regarding personal matters as they will tell those within their little group of favorites.

I have thus far been asked to falsify documentation repeatedly by a physician, been informed when advocating for an individual patient that if "Mr. Jones receives that item then everyone will want it and we will have to provide it for everyone." Which is not the case just another example of the lowered standards of practice. We frequently have diabetics who have blood sugars that drop into the thirties and forties and we have NO food or juice on the unit to give them when this occurs. Patients can be with us for months and months and they will receive the same snacks day after day which are unhealthy cookies and granola bars. No fruits or vegetables just junk even for the diabetics. Patients often complain that they do not get enough food and several who were already thin on admission have lost weight by the time they are discharged. Medication errors are evident and NO steps are taken to make sure they do not occur again...they are simply ignored. Electronic MAR is inadequate and instead of eliminating errors it actually creates some. Employees do not do their jobs and there are not any repercussions whatsoever for this, meanwhile the patients are the ones suffering. Physicians do not assess patients when needed and then when they finally do assess them they do not document on it. Dangerous orders are left in place even after being repeatedly pointed out to physicians and management. There is absolutely NO thinking outside of the box by anyone for any reason at this place.

I have experienced bullying and now am beginning to encounter some sexual harassment. Overall the work environment is hostile with no signs of improvement. It is practically impossible for anyone to get fired from here unless they are probationary as I am. These behaviors and environment seem to be acceptable and changing things is pretty impossible due to all the bureaucracy. I have been here less than a year and I want OUT desperately. I feel horrible for the patients who must receive their care from this entity as I truly believe that they deserve better. If many people really knew about the way this entity works they would be very, very upset. I was hopeful that this was just something that was occurring on my unit but a recent experience has produced evidence that this is something that is prevalent throughout the entire entity.

Not clear on what you mean by "entity".

Very clear on the the rest of your rant.

Why is this considered a desirable place to work if the condititions are so bad?


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Man, this place sounds like hell and a dangerous place to work. I say leave as soon as you can, this environment will bring out the worst in you.

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I'd be utilizing some of that generous leave and sick leave


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Not clear on what you mean by "entity".

Very clear on the the rest of your rant.

Why is this considered a desirable place to work if the condititions are so bad?

It is a position within the federal government... hence the desirability!

OIC. That's about as "desirable" as it gets.

I have friends in the system. Depending where they are, they are appalled at some of the care.

Keep your chin up and your eyes open. Get your time in, and you will be able to write a ticket to somewhere tolerable.

Then you can focus on trying to make a difference ... where you can, and where it matters.

Good luck, I have a feeling you can turn this into something positive for you and the patients.

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My heart goes out to the patients and most likely our vets.... its not right or fair considering we are supposed to be one of the world's most advanced nations.:banghead:


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Start looking for another unit within that system to work in. What you are describing is a management culture gone bad. Hopefully there are areas within the system that are managed by knowledgeable and caring professionals.

Report up the chain.

Do not be silent, please.

Search for advocacy groups that may be able to assist you in advocating for these patients. We should be spending money on improving situations such as the one you describe rather than giving tax rebates to profitable corporations.

Our congress is blinded by capitalism and has ruined the priorities of this country.


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You are obviously working at a VAMC and this is NOT the norm. Sounds like the culture there is hideous, and should be reported HIGH up the food chain. Our veterans deserve far better than this!

Please send the info you posted here ALL the way up. START with the MVAC Care Line Manager, go up to Facility Director, and keep going higher. Then be sure you have another job to jump into. While it's illegal to have repercussions thrown at you for whistle-blowing, I doubt legalities and ethics are going to keep that from occurring. Either be prepared for years of EEO lawsuit involvement, or get another job lined up FAST.

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Do you work for a for-profit LTC chain?


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Do you work for a for-profit LTC chain?

No I do not.

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