Just preparing for the NCLEX is killin me!!

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I've been preparing for the nclex for the last couple of weeks using Kaplan. I do okay on most the exam , but continuely get smashed with the physiological questions (with pharm, safety comfort etc. that portion alone should have it's own test!!) the strategy for all the ones I miss say " is it desired?" it seems to me like that portion of the tests is either you know it or ya don't. If anyone out there has any info on how to interpet those questions shine your light on me. Absolutely dreading da NCLEX give me some hope


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Hey Champ01... I'm with ya for the studying for NCLEX (7/29/09). It seems like I am spinning my wheels. I am not taking Kaplanthough, I'm doing a variety of ATI, NCSBN, NCLEX 3000, NCLEX 3500, and going over my text books. It is all so frustrating. Some tests I will score really well on and feel like I'm doing well, then I'll take another test and damn...right back down. I'm just sending encouragement your way and wish you the best! When do you test?

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I did Kaplan too, and I know how you feel. The best advice I can tell you is to keep doing questions, after a while it started to click for me and I started scoring better. But, even if that doesn't happen for you, I thought that Kaplan was harder than the NCLEX and definitely prepared me for the test (passed in 75). A few of the same topics were covered on the NCLEX that were frequently coverec in Kaplan's questions.

I know it's hard and frustrating, but you just gotta keep chugging along... it probably seems like time is going so slow by now but before you know it, it will be all over! Good luck!


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I test the 24th of this month. the wait, as well as the studying seems to be to much!! good luck to you on the 29th


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I feel your frustration! I was in the same boat. My content knowledge was weak so instead of using kaplan's text book to study I used Saunders which is so much more clear and detailed. Then I used about 90% of the kaplan qbank questions, and the most important thing with that is going back and reading both your incorrect and correct questions, and also reading the rationales for ALL the options. Good luck and don't give up!


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hi champ01,

what books are you studying for the rn exam? i'm just starting to study for the nclex. but have no idea what kind of books i should use.

btw, you are doing the great work to study the nclex and the process is stressful. but to finish all years of nursing study is a bigger accomplished reward comparing to take the nclex!

good luck


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I'm with you homeslice. I take mine later this month and all of this studying is making me go crazy. I started out with Kaplan, but I'm beginning to think it was a waste of money. I mean, all they teach you is freaking test taking strategies which can only take you so far. I think that the Kaplan book absolutely sucks. Saunders book > Kaplan book IMO.

I just started using the Hurst review last week and I so wish that I would have started this sooner. Hurst actually goes over the content with online lectures and they are soooooooo helpful. The lady who is lecturing online is actually kind of entertaining and she explains thing so well. Once I'm done with listening to all these lectures I'm going to start doing the Kaplan questions to prepare myself. Only thing good about Kaplan is their Q-bank heh

g'luck bro


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I have the Kaplan Stratergies book and the decision tree. But I did not get the Q trainers wish I had but I had already spent so much money already. Good Luck to all of you who are studying. Check out the NCLEX fact throwing thread its awesome.


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Champ, dont panic, Kaplan helps you to answer the question with stratergies, BUT there is no way to really study content because you dont know how the Nclex is coming. TRY TO RELAX (REVIEW WHAT YOU UNSURE ABOUT) CONTINUE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS, YOU'LL BE FINE. Remember 85% of candidates pass the first time.

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