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Just need to vent


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Had a pretty bad night last night. Just need to to vent. I am an LPN on AL unit at LTC facility. my night had been going well up until 830. I was sitting up at the nurse's desk when I heard one pts PA going off. She had been in her W/C but is always trying to get up. Normally we can get her back down, but this time she got up took two steps and fell flat on her face. her nose was gushing blood and was cut very bad. her wrists also swelled. so needless to say she needed to go the er. And all you nurses know all the ppwk you have to do after someone falls and sending to the hospital. Plus I still had to chart. I felt horrible having to call her daughter, this pts husband had just died earlier in the morning. So it was a bad situation. I am not sure if they kept her at the hospital, but I really pray and hope she will be ok. Thanks for listening to my rant :yawn:


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Tough night. Hang in there. Hopefully the patient will do ok.

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(((((hugs))))) :hug:

I hope you're okay. I hope all is well with your patient, too.

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Sorry about your bad night! Hope you get some rest and your patient gets back safe and sound :)



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Sorry you had a bad night.

Hope your patient will be okay

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Unfortunately in the field of geriatrics people fall and we as nurses have no control over it. Please do not blame yourself, just make sure you document heavy and filled out the incident report correctly.

Take a breather, and go in to work and do the best you can, take care!!

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Get some rest, and remember some days are better than others. Hugs to you :) Ivanna


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Thanks all :o I am sure she will be ok. I go back to work tomorrow and will find out what went on with her!


It sounds like she would benefit from a Lap Buddy. Hope she's okay!


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When I went back to work last evening I found out she had broken her wrists. She actually is over on our skilled unit. I think she will be there for good. She needs to be, she's a huge fall risk and needs more care. I had to see her move to another unit but on certain units you can only do so much :crying2: