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Just left NCLEX RN


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I'm an absolute nervous wreck! I think I failed. Test shut off at 85 questions. I prepared with Kaplan and did almost the entire qbank with remediation. I also used the study guide floating around here. I just tried PVT even though I need to wait; used my credit card and changed the expiration date, clicked submit and I got the good POp up. Any words of encouragement are appreciated cause I thought the test was very difficult! The questions are a blur to me now.

Just calm down. There's nothing you can do now but wait. Besides you got the good pop up so that's promising. Try to sit outside or go for a walk. Watch some movies, go shopping, anything that you enjoy.

The wait is terrible but you'll pull through! I'm taking mine in 10 days and all my friends that took it said that the wait is the worst part.

Most people leave the test thinking that they failed. I was so sure I failed that I started studying again the next morning, but I passed. What you feel is normal and not indicative of your results.

Best of luck!


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I've hard that most people think they have failed when they walk out of the exam. The good pop up is a great sign! Try again at 24 hours. Then it'll be 99% accurate. Check your BON site too at 24 hours. Let me know what happens! I take mine tomorrow at 8am. :nailbiting:


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Thanks for the encouragement!! Around 22-23 hours after the exam I went to my PA BON license checklist website and my license went from 'pending' to 'active' with a license number. Did not have to pay for quick results. I am SO excited!!!