Just got a loan for a new house!!

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Had to tell someone and who else but my buddies online here? I'm sooo excited! I'll actually have a room to go study that is quiet. I did promise hubby that I would go back to work part time. I'll probably go back to waiting on tables on Friday and Saturday nights that should bring in quite a bit of money to make it so his paycheck pays the mortgage etc. (((((whoohoo!! doin' backward flips!!)))) Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm just a happy little camper today!!:D :D :D


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Congrats on the new house!!!! It is always an exciting feeling!! Wendy


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Hey! Great! That is wonderful news.

I remember that day, for us, too. Even tho our house is a dump, it IS OUR dump...... :)



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Congratulations!!!!!!! :D :D :D



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Does anyone remember the closing things? My finance company is in California, how do they get things signed?

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We just went through a settlement in July due to refinancing. Delaware is a state that you must use an attorney to close. And to tell you the truth I don't remember who they represented us or the mortgage company!!! I wasn't too worried about that because I did know the attorney. If you need to consult a attorney make sure you pick one who specializes in real estate law. Where in Delaware did you buy?


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we just bought our new house in July, but our lender had a branch in the neighboring town. my guess is that they would have a fax the info, then send the originals by courier or priority mail or something. That would be a question for your realtor.

:D Congratulations:D


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CONGRATULATIONS on the new house!!!!!!!! How exiting for you and your family. Definitely worth picking up a part-time job. (I kinds miss waiting tables. Daily $$$ is SO NICE!!!)

Take Care~Angie


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Housewarmingparty coming up?? Maybe you can party online??

Hey, great for you!!

Take care and don't buy too many new things, Renee


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