Just got my license...


I just passed the NCLEX and got my license a couple days ago. It expires in 5 months, is this normal? How do I renew it?

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Each state will have their own rules issuing licenses. Some states will issue RN licenses on even years and LPN licenses on odd years or visa versa. Some states will have renewal set for your birthday.

Which state is your license for?


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Well, congrats on passing your NCLEX!!!:anpom: I've never heard of licenses expiring that quickly. You can call or go to your BON website and check it out for clarification..Good Luck!!

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I know the feeling! I'm in connecticut i took and passed my NCLEX-RN on Aug 14th and found out it expires anually on the last day on the month of my birthday, So it expires Oct 31st of this year. (After 2 months of licensure!)

So I just had to re-new it for 100.00 on a license I haven't used yet, because i don't yet have a job! I got sent a letter from the state telling me to renew it before my official license came it.

The Department of Public health should be able to give you that information or atleast direct you as to where to go. I was able to renew mine online with a credit card.

Congrats and good luck to you


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seagate, i don't know the answer, but wanted to congratulate you on passing & getting your license!!!!!


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Congratulations!!!! And I have noo idea..mine was for two years....and it's MO


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Each state BON has its own system for renewals, but they're typically based on your birthday -- so, your license is issued whenever you pass NCLEX (or the BON approves your paperwork, in the case of endorsement), but the renewal date is typically based on the month of your birthday. If you just have bad luck :), that ends up meaning that your license is only good for a few months before you have to renew.

Years ago, I was moving to another state and applied for a license there. My birthday is in September. Although I sent in my application paperwork in the spring (as soon as I knew for sure I was moving), that state's BON took until some time in August (after I was already in the new state!) to send me a license. And guess when it expired??? Yes, the end of the next month, my birth month. I had to immediately turn around and pay to renew the license.

After this initial renewal, you'll be on the same "cycle" as everyone else, and your next license will be good for a full year or two years (or however long nursing licenses are good for in your state).