Just Finished My Nclex....


I Failed, Horribly!

So i wanted to give everyone and update and my experience.

I Get to the test center and get all the finger and palm scanning done, pictures taken now time to start the test!

I went into this test doing Kaplan, Some saunders, i new all my labs like no other!

well question


DRAG AND DROP IN ORDER!!(*** are you kidding me)

Questions #2

SELECT ALL THAT APPLY! (ok this is just great)

Question #3

Patient has *some weird disease i never heard of* what should there EKG look like?

Picture of 4 Cardiac Strips

(i dont know what the disease is so i dont know *** it does to the heart)

From that point on i had

6 More Drag And Drop

19 More SATA

7 Exhibit Questions

and 1 Drug Calc!

I Did The PVT and i got the credit card screen! and i know from those questions what i was picking was a GUESS!

Been Crying Since I Left The Test!

I Know i can try again but i really felt prepared and felt i got a **** test!

so everyone do you feel prepared??


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sorry to hear that . mine on march 9th. really scared. i hate SATA and ECG too.

these are mine weak area. so go get ready for next time you can do it. how was your score in kaplan. look like some students get easy exam and some really hard .


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I never felt prepared! You have only a few questions to know but a hundred pages to study! I think you should go back to your comprehensive review of each system! Don't get discouraged it happens to the best of us! I'm waiting on my result. Just take a day or two and relax and get to the books and try again! I've kno ppl whose the greatest nurse and they taken the test more then once. You can do it


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Dont say you failed! You dont know yet. There are plenty on ppl here that have gotten the CC page only to find out that they passed. What number did it stop at?


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thanks for tryin to help me think positive but 75 and i know for a fact those questions were wrong cause i had no idea what i was doin


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I just took the NCLEX last Thursday and had almost the exact same experience as you!

I had only a handful of multiple choice -- and instead a buttload of SATA and telemetry slips!

I happen to be very limited on telemetry and very unlucky with SATA.

I practically ace multiple choice.

Well, I failed. I understand you completely, my friend.

Every time I have alone time, my failure plagues my thoughts.

But I am also determined to kick the NCLEX's ass next time around.

If it's any consolation, in my opinion--the two of us were VERY unlucky with the test questions, lol.

But I am sure we lacked the wherewithal, as well.

Best of luck and continue to study for the next 45 days!


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I am so sorry to hear that. You never know you might pass. When you say you did Kaplan, did you just do questions or did you look at the content videos and read the kaplan book? How was your scores on Kaplan?


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KV12, Yes i'm mopping around today in depression and tomorrow i will hop back onto my horse and try again! its just so irritating when everyone around me is passing and I'm just being a failure!


i couldnt afford the money for the whole program so i and a friend split it. so i watched all the videos and did all the qtrainers but she did the 4 days class! my grades were around 50%


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Understandable, at least you have the positive mindset to get back out there. I am truly sorry. Good luck with studying and most importantly don't give up. I am taking Kaplan as well its good I take my exam March 4th. And Perhaps study with your friend that you took Kaplan with.