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Just a comment. On the nc threads I see there are an unusually large number of students posting. Is it safe to say new grad positions are endless.do any of you think you'd have a hard time landing that first job as in the rest of the new grads in other parts of the country? I know several nurses from other states that complain there are no jobs down there. Going off topic a bit, but does nc hospitals import large numbers of foreign nurses to work in their hospitals? Thanks, and I hope no one gets angry because I just asked questions.


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Should read: I know nurses who relocated to nc and complained about the lack of nursing jobs. Maybe they don't want to hire nurses from out of state?


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Our country is in the worst recession/depression since the Great Depression. ALL over the US, people are suffering, and nurses aren't immune. There are jobs for new nurses/ experienced nurses in our state - but just not as plentiful as before. A nurse looking for a job needs to research the job market before moving here. The Eastern part of the state still has new nurse positions available. Several hospitals expanding, etc.


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I wouldn't say its that easy to find a job as a new grad here. At this point you may have to divert from a well know hospital and seek employment at smaller hospitals. Most of the new grads are getting offered positions at night. It sucks for some but the shift differential is good and it gets you in the door.

Personally I am not worried because when I am finished with school I will be able to move anywhere in the state. Even if it is in the middle of nowhere *shudder* I will do it to get experience, then move to better pastures.

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There are jobs available. It might not be a speciality area or your desired shift, but it's there (so long as you'll work nights on med/surg). :)

here in Charlotte the jobs for new grads are few, experienced RNs are staying put where there were fluctuations before. When I started NS in 1/08, new grads had multiple interviews and then offers @ the beg of the semester- only a handful had jobs at graduation last month...not just at my school either. Our instructors have encouraged a move,ect.

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Going back to this- I've heard a lot of people say there isn't a nursing shortage because nurses aren't able to get jobs.

There is a real nursing shortage and there are jobs available.

There aren't FUNDS to pay for those positions so the positions get frozen or removed.


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I just read in a newsletter today that WakeMed has 60 new grads starting the fellowship program in July. There were over 300 applicants including some from out of state. We're still hiring for positions that require experience, too...although census has been waaaaay down lately and we call off a nurse almost every shift on my unit.

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