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hello all!

Wow, I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. We bought a new house, moved and I have been in the middle of my semester. Almost done though, only finals left to take. Wa hoo!! Is everyone else about finished. How about my other fellow A&P I people? How did you all do? I am making it out of there with an A! I am so happy! I worked my tail off! I have 2 weeks off and then I am back to the grind with A&P II. I am looking forward to it with mixed feelings. I am taking it in 4 weeks instead of 8. I want to have part of my summer off.

I am transferring to the University in the Fall. I am scared and excited all at once. Do you guys have your schedules yet?

I will be taking:

Human Growth and Devel

Intro to Inf Statistics



Spring semester my nursing classes start! WA HOO!



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For fall all I will be taking is Advanced med/surg .It is a 13 credit course! Good Luck to you.


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Jenny, I will be so glad when finals are over! I will take stats this summer and then am off to the university in the fall, too. I get to start my nursing classes in the fall, yea!

Good luck with that A&P II, I was sure glad to finish my class yesterday!

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Welcome back, Jenny, and congo rats on all your good news! :)

This fall I am only taking one course, but it's a 9-credit class: Nursing of Families (OB/Peds). Can't wait!


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We cant register yet for fall. Will be taking

Adaptations of family (med surg/OB/Peds)

some sort of humanities or political science

Im taking this summer off.


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I'm taking Nursing Tech 4... and Client Care Management.. Comes out to 12 hours..

I'm thinking about taking a class this summer towards my Bachelors.. Not sure yet though..

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Nice job Jenny!

I'm finishing up the last of my pre-reqs now--A&P II and Nutrition. I'm not taking any classes over the summer, thank goodness. I just have to get CPR certified to start the BSN program in the fall. I can't wait.

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