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june 12,2012 nclex

so i took my exam almost 2 hours and shut off at 75..5 SATAs 5 image q's,4 drug computation,meds question that some are familiar and some are not & lots of prioritization & delegation...but i was having doubts also because i had a few knowledge base but i don't know where i'm at those level of difficulty..i don't want to think that i failed, i just want to think positively and to remind myself that if what is the outcome in 2days,i'll accept it.

.each question, i was calling to the Lord to guide me & to think of it, i was confident & some q's were similar to saunders,kaplan,&lacharity...this is my 3rd time taking this exam & i hope and pray that i'll pass..i'll just wait for 2days for the results..i don't want to use the PVT trick cause i'm very patient when it comes to results..so for the guys who'll be taking,i just want to encourage you that even if you feel that you fail after the exam,just think positively & be ready for whatever outcome cause the Lord will provide you great plans into your life....i'll let you guys know ASAP once the results are in..

nope haven't done that but i'm willing to wait for the result...how do u feel about those questions that i've mention?

:up: first of all good luck .. and i applaud your patience.. n thanks a bunch for the info..i am giving mine on the 25th of this month and i am freaking out because i am not doing well with the kaplan q trainers ..i have done the first one scored 68% and the 7th one scored 61%.. i do better with saunders.. n i just got done with la charity today.. i am planning on completing all of kaplan q trainer questions :banghead: ..n going to re listen to hurst again so i can remember the core content.. it would be great to know some study tips.. :uhoh3: .. trying to stay calm, motivated..:nurse:

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I just took the nclex rn today at 11 am, stopped after 75 questions in about 3 hours. Had about 23-25 SATA's, 3 computation, mostly prioritization and delegation. I live in California, if that info helps. I tried the Pearson vue trick twice, first after 3 hours, then the next after 4.5 hours from taking the test. Website says delivery successful, Pop up says that I had previously registered and that I couldn't register, I'd have to contact BRN. Please help me, I'm dying to know. Mixed feelings. Can't say I'm confident I passed, but just happy I finished. Any interpretation of this nightmare? Lol. Thanks.

@hhprince..wow thats a LOT of SATA..:uhoh3:well concerning the PVT i have heard and read different feedbacks but mostly saying it works and its pretty accurate..there is thread concerning PVT in here. i bet you will get a better idea.good luck :up:

mydestinyy: you can get some tips from other members here but there are some tips that i can give:(1)don't overwhelm yourself especially that your exam is getting nearer..(2)do LOTS of questions,it's very helpful especially the LaCharity.(3)be confident on what answers you'd choose because 2nd guess will distract your mind.(4)study at your own pace and relax..

im just keeping my hopes high and pray that i'll pass

:) thanks a bunch for your tips..every lil tip helps..and yeah i think i should slow down and not panic..good luck !!:up:

thanx and goodluck to u..just look up to your username & understand....


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