July 2012 NCLEX Takers. Lets support each other


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Hey All! Let's Support one another!

When are you taking your exam?

What are you using for study?

How long have you been preparing?

What are you focusing on for the next few weeks?


First week of July!

Saunders Comp review, PDA, Nclex 4000, and a Hurst Packet. (Might try for KAPLAN)

I Will officially start studying April 19th!

Fluid and Electrolytes, Pharmacology, Cardio, and Endocrine!

How about you all!?!?


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I am taking mine too this summer but I don't know where to start....are you living toronto?


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i am taking mine too this summer but i don't know where to start....are you living toronto?


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Planning to take on July too.. We can do this..I'm still processing my application..


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I am planning to take the exam mid of july, so far I am reading the Saunder's Comprehensive and doing the Q& A after each topic. I started on Maternity last week, and by tomorrow I will start Pediatic.


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@luckymelissa: I live in Maryland :-(

I am so nervous about the NCLEX! I don't know whether I should just go over everything or just focus on my weaknesses! I graduate in May and I have one big project due, so hopefully that doesn't disturb my NCLEX studying!


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Planning to take in July too. I hope I can do this, I graduated 2005 with no hospital experience. Took nclex last 2008 but didnt make it. I dont know where to start. I plan to do Hurst online, if anyone here already tried Hurst let me know the feedback.


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I've been doing Hurst and it is simple amazing! I highly recommend it! I'm planning to take my NCLEX around June, I've been studying on and off for a couple months now. I've done Hurst, the free Kaplan NCLEX prep online, Saunders and Mosby's Flashcards and PharmCards


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I'm retesting this Summer or Fall, not sure when though. Just paid my application fees today actually. I first took the exam back in October. *Sigh* I have no idea where to start..I just ordered Kaplan strategy book and Lacharity Prioritization, Delegation&Assignment, and gonna do the Kaplan free online preps whenever I can--so hopefully that helps. I'm working on a study schedule now. How many hours do you all usually study in a day??


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I try to do 3-4 hours every day. It's not always easy with 3 kids and a husband who's never home. Thank god for nap times and early bed times! :-). Also trying to squeeze in a couple NCLEX questions every day, but that doesn't always happen


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Right now I'm working on pharm...... urgh

Taking Nclex pn for the first time the second week in May and so nervous. I am studying Saunders and Exam Cram doing 100 questions a day, any suggestions so that this is the first and last time that I have to take this test. I cannot go thru this agony again.