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I notice several posts about applying for jobs prior to graduation. Is that the norm? I'm freakin' because I graduate June 4th and I will be moving to Illinois in July. I thought about sending out letters seeing if I can get a few interviews as soon as I get there. Already been in contact with IL BON so I can take the NCLEX there.

Any advice??? HELP!



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You may find the following sites useful.....

Lotsaluck, C

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Thanks for the information. I'll be checking them out this weekend. I'm just soooo stressed about moving and worrying about finding a job.

Have any other of you spring 2003 graduates applied for jobs already???? I called one of the hospitals I'm interested in and they are mailing me an information packet.

:D Christine


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Yeah! Did my resume` online at 10minute,, then got online and sent four out that way. Got two responses and now two interviews set up for spring break. Moving from NC to DC area. Plan on taking the NCLEX-RN in VA. Also went up to VA a couple of months ago and visited a career fair. Lots of jobs!

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litepath: where are you thinking of working?

I'm going to work in the metro DC area, too. :D


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I am moving to the Nashville area after graduation in May. I have called the board but everything is automated. I left the msg lady my address and haven't heard anything back. I'm getting worried because I still haven't enrolled to take boards. Same news for the hospitals I've called. I've talked to them and haven't recieved anything in the mail yet.

I'm wondering if this is the right place for me...and I'm not even there yet.


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Where in IL do you plan on moving? Chicago, Southern IL, Northern IL, ? If you're in the Chicago land/Suburban areas I can give you the names of some good Hospitals...PM me if you're interested.


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