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Job seekers, have you tried ...


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I haven't seen this mentioned directly, so I ask - have you looked into employment through Civil Service institutions and agencies?

There are State Psych, Devel Disabilities and Veterans' Hospitals, Commission for the Blind. There are nurses in other agencies that are auditing nurses, State survey inspectors and nurses who work in program development (setting policy and procedures). There are varied job titles that require the RN license. Civil Service has become leaner & leaner over the years, but there are still positions out there.

In the past, state service was not looked upon very favorably by many. Salary wasn't too great, but the benefits were very good. PTO, vacation, healthcare insurance, pensions, savings incentives programs, education benefits, lateral transfers, upward title promotions, etc. They are usually unionized so with that there is representation for disciplinary actions.

There is longevity - many employees are 'lifers'.

Not everybody likes Civil Service - it's government, so with that comes some negatives. I'm sure some things have changed over the years since I was there.

But Civil Service is an option that I haven't seen approached often.

la_chica_suerte85, BSN, RN

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Thank you for posting this. I'm a student (two years left to go) and I am constantly looking and listing what job opportunities there will be once I graduate.

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I have recently applied at the VA. I do believe with all the re-structuring of the VA system there will be more options for nurses and this will most likely show in the next few years.

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In the area where I reside, most state positions require applicants to have earned a BSN degree. As an ASN degree holder, I currently do not qualify for these jobs. However, I have 13 more credits to earn in order to receive the BSN, so the ASN degree will not be my highest level of educational attainment for that much longer.


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OP is correct. However due to the benefits of these positions, it is very hard to get these jobs unless you know "somebody-that-knows-somebody" deal OR you are very lucky.

The best way is to start networking the old fashioned way or use LinkedIn.

Good luck!

Thanks for posting this. It is a good option for some, however I found it to be an insurmountable task getting through the obstacles of the hiring process. It can be quite evident even to the uninitiated outsider that maybe it is Who You Know and not what you write on your application paperwork. Not a time and effort wasting experience I have ever cared to repeat.