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So I had my interview Wednesday and was offered the job on Friday!! SUPER EXCITED!! :D I will be working at the hospital I was hoping to and will be on the cardiac/telemetry unit. Out of a FT days and FT nights position, I was offered the days so it couldn't have been better! My husband is also an RN who works baylor weekends so this will work perfect for us and our 4 y/o. The manager said it is very fast paced and keeps you on your toes, so it sounds like a great place to start.

Any advice for a new grad starting of this type of unit?

Also, new grads, don't give up! You will find that someone to give you a chance. I moved from Birmingham to Foley with no ties to anyone here and landed the first interview I went on. Get to know your nurse recruiters...the one I worked with has been fantastic and I give her a lot of credit to helping me find this position. I applied off of her advice to do so. It is do-able, I promise!! Thank you to everyone for your encouragement and words of wisdom! :yeah:

That is fantastic news and good for you! I hope you just love it.

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Thank you!! I hope I love it too!! It sounds like it will be a great place to start learning!

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CONGRATS!!!!!! That is so awesome!


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Thanks so much ya'll!

Just wanted to say "Congratulations!"

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