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Job offer....advice please!


I need some advice. I interviewed for a position as an RN with a restorative care unit at an acute care hospital. After the interview with HR came the interview with the nurse manager. She seemed to really like me and set up a job shadow and 2 peer interviews for 3 days later (tonight). The nurse manager also mentioned that the facility only hires RNs once a month and that my start date might be 12/6 or if not then it would be 1/3/11. After the job shadow tonight, I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I'll need to brush up on in my studies. I have been job searching for 3 months now and I see that I have forgotten some things (it feels like I have forgotten everything!) So my question is, in this economy, and believe me I am desperate for a job, would it be in bad taste if they offered me the position to ask to be started January 3? I don't want to send the impression that I am "blowing off" work already but I really feel like I'll be behind the expectation for a new grad at the start of orientation. I'm trying to find a way to ask or suggest they start me in Jan as opposed to Dec. It seems like they may actually offer me the job, especially according to the nurse that I shadowed with tonight since they make the final decision. It's late and I am tired so I hope this is making sense. TIA.

Take it now and believe in yourself! :D You will never know it all, and can only learn more with on the job experience. You can brush up on anything you aren't familiar with on your days off (and you'll have a better idea what you need to focus on). Plus, they won't expect that you know everything and your co-workers could be an excellent resource - they can teach you so much!

Hope you hear good news!

They're going to give you an orientation, right? I agree with mochagirl26- your reviewing will be rooted in your clinical experiences, which will be much more meaningful. And once you get back in to the swing of things, you'll probably realize you do remember more than you think.

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Take it! Congrats. :)

Yes, there is an orientation. Thank you so much for responding everyone! I can't even sleep because I am so nervous/anxious.


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Take it!!!!! your preceptors are there to help you if you dont understand something or you are unfamiliar with a procedure. congrats!!

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I'm with everyone else. Take the job! My first week in critical care I thought "I cannot do this, I know nothing and half of this stuff I have never heard of." The point is, EVERYONE feels like that at first. I was an LVN for 4 years before this and still felt clueless.

You can do it. Orientation will help, your experiences will help. It's better to not know some things and be willing to ask for help or willing to research it, than to "fake" your way through it and cause harm. The only nurses who survived my new grad program were those of us willing to ask for help. They don't expect you to know it all, they expect you to be willing to learn and to get help when you need it. Good luck!!!


Upon your very encouraging advice, I was offered the job and I accepted with the start date in December! You ladies are wonderful. Thank you!

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Congrats on the new job!!!! You will do great!