Job interview BUT I was scheduled to WORK!!!!

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I was scheduled to work on a day I NEVER work and I have a interview on the same day I told my super that I can not work that day !?!?!? Obviously she didn't care because I was scheduled for that day !

What should I do ???


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Go above her head. I'm not sure if you got in trouble for this, but you shouldn't have since you're 1. not scheduled to work that day and 2. AREN'T SCHEDULED TO WORK THAT DAY ;) Just because she is your sup doesn't mean she has the right to disregard your SCHEDULED times to work and add a day. If you're not scheduled to work that day then why would he/she expect you in?


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I told her I can't work that day and have never worked that day , but she still scheduled me totally changed the schedule on me !!!

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Do you feel a 24 hour attack of the swine flu coming on? Cough...cough....

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Maybe a bird whispered in her ear that you have a job interview. It just seems fishy that she does this on the exact day you have an interview. Have you told any of your coworkers about it?


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No I have not said a word , I was surprised but I took care of the problem now I am focusing on getting this job !!!!


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Go get that other job, then kindly give her ur notice.


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Is there someone you can trade days with? I wouldn't go over her head, not for this. You don't want to burn your bridges.

Can you call the person your interviewing with and see if you can change the day? If the answer is no, keep it the same and call in sick.

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