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I have been a nurse for two years and my passion has always been to work in the ER of a level one trauma center. However for the last year I worked as a med/surg nurse at a small community hospital. I transferred to a cardiology floor about 2 months ago at a level two hospital. I feel anxious all the time and depressed, to where I get nauseated before work. There is a opening at a level I trauma center ER. Should I go for this, will I even like it more, am I just burned out or is it just the change? I have no idea. Any advice would be appreciated.....

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well i would think that after 2 months on a unit you are still new to how things work. that would make me a little tense. if you aren't sure if you'd like the er see if you can do some prn in your hospitals er or shadow someone for a few days. it would be good exposure and you would be able to decide if you like it or not.

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If it's the job you want you should apply. I've felt bad going into jobs I couldn't stand. It does indeed take a physical toll on you. I'm like you. I'd feel bad working in a medical/surgical area.

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If it's something that you like, go for it. You never know if you never try. One thing you don't want to do, is live your life with regrets.

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I'd say go for it, if it's been your dream. I am unfortunately about to start Job #3 after just completing my second year as an RN, 1st job was ok, but we moved, then second job was "dream job" but I got called off every week, so...onto 3rd job it is. Job hopping will stop once you find what you are looking for and then it won't matter because you will be happy with where you are.


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I would go with trying to shadow/ do prn in the ER of the hospital you are working at. That will give you a feel for whether or not the ER is really what you want before you make the switch. You are right to be concerned about job hopping. It doesn't look good on a resume' but makes no sense to hate going in to work everyday if you have a real opportunity to do something you would love.

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If your anxious and dread coming to work now do you think you'll be able to handle working in a level 1 trauma ER. That would probably be a disaster because you'll be walking into an even more intense setting.

I would suggest working on your anxiety issues with a therapist and even maybe some medications. Take ACLS and then when the anxiety is under control try out an ER.