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  1. snh2009

    Med error

    He had a fair amount of tissue. Thank you for the advice and as I said earlier this will definitely be a learning experience
  2. snh2009

    Med error

    Thank you both for the advice.. This will definitely be in my learning pile. I pray that he is okay and I am over reacting. This is one for me to truly learn from.
  3. snh2009

    Med error

    HI, I have made a horrible mistake and I am sick to my stomach worrying about it. My MD ordered decadron 10mg/ml IM. I went to give it to the pt and he wanted it deltoid, I have always done this in am bigger muscle, but he insisted. I figured it was one ml and you can put up to one in the deltoid. I will not make excuses other than to say I didnt realize that this medication is to be avoided in the deltoid and I had given it so many times before I did not go look it up, nor did the bottle say only deep IM. I monitored him for 30 min after and saw no s/s of reaction and let home go.. now I am so sick and can’t quit thinking of how I screwed up. Only days later I was looking something up and came across that it can cause tissue atrophy in the deltoid. I don’t go back to work for a few days and I can’t stop dreaming of this persons arm falling off and all the other horrible nightmares that come with it. I just want to cry so bad. All advice is appreciated