Job hopping or finding the best fit?


My story is NOT typical for a new graduate. I was offered PRN positions at two LTC facilities in CA. I actually oriented to both facilities at the same time and decided not to continue training at one because the nurse/patient ratio was 26:1 and the supervisor did NOT communicate with me at all.

The job I stayed with has been GREAT - most of the staff is very welcoming and open to questions, the pay is great, my supervisor is supportive and the residents are wonderful (10:1 ratio).

BUT WAIT -- I just got a phone call from a local dermatology clinic looking for a FULL TIME LVN to train as a surgical assistant for cosmetic and skin cancer procedures. I have wanted to work in dermatology since I was in high school and I'm finally getting this AMAZING opportunity.

So.... I have an interview at the dermatologist tomorrow (as I'm not scheduled to work again at LTC until the end of the month). I need advice - I'm planning to move on and get my RN, but I want to work in dermatology... Should I stick with my LTC job and build my skills or say "bye-bye" and start a new career in dermatology? Will I get a reputation as a "job hopper" in this small town? Is it really just a question money vs happiness?


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I would say go for happiness! I am an RN in dermatology and I love it. You learn more than you think and who doesn't like no weekends, PTO, and paid holidays off? Love it, but I also enjoy working with my coworkers and the doctors. Feel out the vibe and environment at your interview. You could consider keeping the PRN position a well, if your schedule could allow for this.

Regardless of your decision I hope you pick what feels right to you and your life.

Best wishes


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You may not get this chance again for a LONG time. Do the interview and see if you'd like it! If you do, take it!


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hello! I'm a dermatology RN as well. I agree with little kane.. dermatology is not all acne and bug bites. theres actually a large number of interesting conditions. off the top of my head lupus, psoriasis, congenital disorders, vitiligo. you will get to see how patients health on the inside affects their appearance on the outside. depending on your doc you also see pts of all ages. there are in office surgical procedures (cool) and cosmetic tx (cool too). The hours and staffing is usually way better (as you can see by my user name i started out in LTC... 1: 30 my friend! if some calls out its 1:60). Its nice not having to page the doc cause theyre right there in the trenches with you and you also see pts over the course of months to years and build good nurse - pt relationships. sometimes i miss the action of the floor (previous post) but no other job has given me the freedom to study, travel and REST when I clock out like a clinic job. On the other hand, in the office you will do more than just hands on. Its likely you'll have to spend a good amount of time on the phone doing appeals with insurance companies, trying to get approval for meds n treatments pt needs. Calling in refills, doing inventory, ordering supplies... etc etc.... The pay and benefits may be less. Good luck with whatever you chose!


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Thank you all SO much for the advice and support!! Like Tinker88 said, I don't think I'll get a chance like this again... It's my DREAM job and I can't let the opportunity pass me by. I love my patients at the LTC facility, but hate how much I worry about them when I get home.. and being worried that I'll be called in on my day off.

I have a second interview and I'll be meeting with two of the four dermatologists this afternoon! If I'm hired, I'll be trained as a surgical assistant AND I'll be doing general dermatology too. I am a young nurse and have little to no experience in a clinical setting, but I am a quick and dedicated learner - I take direction well and welcome constructive criticism... Every day brings a new opportunity to learn and build a new, rare skill set. (I hope I'm able to verbalize that in my interview today haha).

Hopefully it all works out smoothly.. If I'm offered the position I will go in and talk to my current supervisor next week - I was only hired to work weekends, Per diem - so maybe she'll be willing to let me just work a few weekends a month? I would love being able to make everyone happy and not let anyone down -- but if I were to let this opportunity pass, I'd be letting MYSELF down in the future.