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Job finding as a New Grad

by nswRN nswRN (New) New

I am ready to give up on nursing.

I graduated from a top ranked nursing school last May. I've been a volunteer EMT for 6 years now, and I worked as a tech on in step down unit at school per diem; but they had a hiring freeze, so I was forced to quit at the end of senior year and move back home because I could not afford to continue living out there. Since then I have applied to numerous hospitals, mostly in NJ, PA, and NY, but also a few in FL, CA, and TX. I chase any lead I get. I have gone, in person to a number of hospitals to attempt to talk to someone in HR, sometimes I do. They just tell me they have a stack of 500 or so New Grad applicants and 0 New Grad positions open. I even attempted to join the millitary as an RN until I told them I have exercise induced asthma, which apparently disqualifies you from service, even the navy.

I can't keep going on. I've applied for hundreds of positions that I think might take a new grad with no avail. I'm now applying for tech and EMT positions just to pay for something, but I can't keep going like this. Eventually hospitals are going to look me and see someone who hasn't worked in too long so their skills won't be up to par.

In college I did everything that would supposedly help me get a job afterward, and nothing is working. I don't know what more to do. I can only send out so many resumes before feeling like a complete failure. Right now I'm working construction jobs where ever I can, and that's already taking its toll on me physically.

How in gods name do you get a job as a nurse after graduating nursing school!


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I know it is frustrating just keep applying something will come up. Especially if you are willing to move.

I feel your pain, I graduated in may 09 and over a year later here I am, still looking for work, before you know it I am going to hit 2 years as a RN and not working. I have gone on 2 interviews and nothing came out of them and have another 1 this wed and I am praying I get this job. You said you've been looking at PA? Geisinger hospital in danville called me for an interview last week but I could not go because it is too far, you should try applying. If you can try to get in contact with the actual nurse recruiters as well.

I feel your pain, I graduated in May 09, and here I am looking for a job after the first I landed (after and year of searching didn't want me any more!) :( I really wish I knew the secret to getting a job, because clearly having a degree, or having previous experience in the medical field doesn't matter, if you have no RN experience for at least 1 year, there seems to be no hope! But I'll keep trying, naively I guess, I have no money left to go back to school for something else, and I don't know what it would be if I did, nursing has been my focus since I was a child! Good luck to you ya

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Sanford Health Hospital in Fargo ND is consistently hiring new grads, if you want to look into that.

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Its tough here in L.A. for new grads, anyone know when Northridge Hosp. starts there Versant program.


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have you looked at nursing homes??

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i also graduated may of 09. however, my wait wasn't as long as most of the comments i read. i waited about 8 months before finding a job. i was applying everywhere in my area or near my area (fairfax, va...dc...maryland). no luck. i ended up hearing of job opportunities from a friend back in ny, applied...traveled for my interviews...and eventually got a job. i ended up having to relocate to ny and am currently working as an rn in a small town. the funny part was that as soon as i moved to ny, dc was calling for interviews.

i think the key to finding a new job as a new graduate is

1. don't give up

2. consider relocating to another state to get at least 2 years under your belt. some states are hiring more so than others. (alabama, upstate ny and texas are hiring-pa is barely hiring)

3. constantly send out your resume and fill out applications. i was filling out at least 10 a day, almost every day out of those 8 months of being jobless.

good luck! it'll happen...:nurse:

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Sanford Health Hospital in Fargo ND is consistently hiring new grads, if you want to look into that.

It is difficult to even get a job at Sanford. I have put in at least 15 apps or more with no luck!

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Be persistent and dont give up! When you give up thats when everything goes downhill. I looked for 9 months for a job!