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duc8ti is a BSN, RN and specializes in Behavioral Health.

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  1. san bernardino county sheriff's dept.

    I will be having an interview in a couple of weeks. Did it go well with you?, what shall I expect. Is there anything I can do to prepare myself. Thanks
  2. Need help with charting...

    if you would be so kind i would like to have some of your info. Im new to psych and every little bit helps.
  3. New Grads and Resumes

    Does it do any good to follow up on your resume after you send it via e-mail to a hospital once they send you back a thank you for applying.
  4. California license application by endorsement

    Hello, Im a CA. RN wanting to move to Nevada, anyone how long the process is. I already have my fingerprint board and will be sending the paperwork today.
  5. New Grad interview experiences

    I had the usual questions of "what was your best and worst experience. The one that tripped me up was "what would you do if you're working the night shift and your patient says they are dying, they literally feel like they're dying? Well I said I wou...
  6. Job finding as a New Grad

    Its tough here in L.A. for new grads, anyone know when Northridge Hosp. starts there Versant program.
  7. Hesi Exit Test

    Hi I really need help from anyone, have taken v4,v5,v6 HESi, im assuming next will be v7 anyone have any tips. Ive read the HESi nclex book (for RN) and Mosby. I dont know what to do anymore. thanks all
  8. sorry i cant help you out, but i am interested to see what the nursing field is like in Tx. here in L.A. it slowing down and it hard for a new grad (RN) to find work. good luck to you
  9. Army Nurse Corps Reserves...

    Thanks all for the info, i would like to know if joining the ANC does one further their education and also as a reservist would you get veterans benefits after your 2 years are up.
  10. LPN/LVN Additional Certifications

    everyone has always posted good info, love this forum. I have been a pharmacy technician for 25 years and am now a LVN. would it be to my benefit to get a pharmacology certification? thanks
  11. Starting Sonoma State DEMSN in Jan '08

    im thinking of enrolling into this program, are satisfied with the program? thanks for any info.