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i have been a RN for three years. but i have only worked for a solid year of that, which was spent in a CCU/Telemetry Unit. me and my husband moved here to jacksonville fl two years ago. upon arriving here i was 6 months pregnant. then after having my baby i decided to stay home and work later since i figured my job would always be there. but now that she is in daycare and doing well i am trying to find work and nothing is coming my way.

i am not familiar with this area at all and don't know any other nurses to even ask. is it my lack of experience or have i just been out of work for way too long? i feel like i am competent enough to return to work, but do employers think otherwise?

i am at a lost for words. i have filled out every application out there. i only had one response for homehealth that was PRN, but have not been called at all for that.

any information would be more than appreciated..




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Have you tried Orange Park Medical Center? I was just on their site and they had 5 pages of RN openings. I did not look at job details (I am just starting nursing school) so I am not sure what level of experience they want.


jacksonville has an influx of nurses so it is very hard finding a job here. Shands at Jacksonville, is currently hiring. I believe they are the highest paying hospital at the moment in Jacksonville.


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Just wondering if you're the young lady I met in the hallway at Concorde on the 27th? If so, send me a PM. I may have some possibilities for you.


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I also cannot find work. I graduated in December 2008, and took the NCLEX and passed in February. I have been applying everywhere since then. Most positions want 1 year of experience, but no one is willing to hire me so I can gain the experience.

It is extremely upsetting and very discouraging for me, especially since nursing is where my heart is. I did very well in school, and received outstanding recommendations from my professors and the nurses I did clinical with. But, without the experience, none of that seems to matter.

I would definitely try Orange Park. They have a TON of openings....all of which I've applied for. But, you have experience, so that will help a lot. All of the hospitals here have openings....they just aren't willing to hire anyone without experience.

I can only hope and pray that someone will give me a break soon. I really just want to be a nurse!

Good luck to others who are searching as well.


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I am in the same position I have applied everywhere and have not heard anything back yet. My boyfriend works for the fire department and whenever he passes by the hospitals he asks and they employees say they ARE hiring but for some reason there is some sort of hiring freeze. I have been trying desperately to find a job! I have an excellent job down here in miami but am moving to jacksonville to move in with my soon-to-be husband. Hopefully something happens soon. Good luck to all of you!


to the new nurse who passed her NCLEX, CONGRATS! I was in your shoes a little over a year ago. please dont get discouraged, its hard but if you put yourself through the challenge of nursing school and passed ur test then keep trying! you obviously have the smart! dont let this hiring freeze keep you from doing something you love!

:nurse: ill be praying for all of us!


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I hope you have found work by now. I am presently in the same boat - Moved here 4 weeks ago and am getting frustrated. I went to a few hospitals but was told they only accept applications online but then all positions required at least one year. I have applied to the Navy as civilian worker and am hoping to hear from them. I have a BSN, having graduated in Dec. 2008. This was a career change for me. Before that I worked 20 years as a Social Worker and am experienced in Mental Health. I worked inpatient in psyche hospital as RN before moving here. Does anyone know where they may be hiring?

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Baptist has currently 70 positions for RNs with experience of course and they are really really picky.

I believe the navy hospital is also hiring.


Is a great website!

@spannRN they have a couple of psych positions on there too!


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I graduated and passed nclex same as you....i moved to jax to be in the rn-bsn program and have been applying to places since april. I just got hired with PSA so try them and i signed up with mollen immunization clinic for flu shots as well....they pay $22/hr for rns....better than no job and for the one that wants to move to jax....please don't....it sucks here...not only in nursing but in general...unless you surf but even then its not worth living here

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