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I agree, I think that's exactly what we needed to hear - thank you gayleraff! It is easy to let anxiety consume you. How are you liking the program?

One instructor is amazing - her knowledge blows my mind. I met another instructor last night and I do like him, though. He is a lot slower paced than she is, hopefully we will learn as much.


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i'll be looking for updates. remember --What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

thanks for asking about my journey. i am beginning my second semester doing Med/Surg II. The first semester was jam packed with a lot to learn (lecture, lab, clinical, and pharm)! It has been likened to boot camp, and I cant say I disagree! Now, I share with you just so you have insight on what to expect--I would never be discouraging . It has been the time of my life, and I wouldn't change a thing. One aspect I would say that is different is that tests-- they are not like any you've every taken. There are more application and critical thinking problems as opposed to straight memorization. Your taught a nursing process. Using that approach helps discern the correct answers on tests, and of course it translates into correctly caring for a patient. It takes a little getting used to, but one day it just clicks.

just my opinion (and you know what they say about that- hehe) i sat in on a couple of classes. ya, he's nice and all, but if your a visual learner he's not your man. he lectures and moves on. The other instructor has a way of drawing thisng out that makes you think and understand. when the time comes for ANP 201, definately take her class because it's a tough one to get thru and you need every advantage you can get. my friend had him as her primary instructor, but came to the other's study sessions. she would tell me time and time again how much more she learned in that hour with her than in his 3hr lecture. -- again, this all jmo


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Thank you for sharing, that sounds terrifying and exciting. Can I ask you what your schedule is like? Is it full time M-F or do you have class on the weekends? What time to what time? Do you work also? Sorry for being nosey, I've just never met anyone I could ask those questions. Thanks in advance

Stinks for me, I couldn't take a day APHY this semester and she doesn't do any at night so I'm stuck with him for 201...I would have taken hers without a doubt if I had a choice. I completely know what you mean about her drawing things in a way you understand. I wish the study sessions indicated which instructor is running them...I'll have to ask and see if I can go to hers.


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Just a friendly reminder. Please do not post the names of instructors on the public board due to liability issues. You may discuss this via private message instead.


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As far as I am concerned you should be freaking out! I studied 2 weeks between the semester breaks. I failed the English with a 69.2%. I took the TEAS Jan 14 at Logansport ,took 3 hrs, stuff on there I never heard or seen before. I am trying to find study groups or anything. I can just see re-taking the stupid thing and passing the section I failed and failing the sections I passed. Nursing school riding on this test like on a roulette wheel. The woman I was chatting with before the test was about to puke, she gave me a chemistry tip that was on the test, so I know I got that one correct. I have exhausted the TEAS study guide, after a few hundred times doing the same problems I know the answers after a glance. All they have to do is ask 3 questions from another viewpoint and your score goes down the toilet. The punnent tables were easy in the study guide. The actual test had 8 x 11 punnent table with chemistry equasions. Then asked which one would most likely not be recessive If recessive is dominate!

Also the study guide likened DNA to a ladder, the test ask "how would you describe DNA to a friend"? I found out "zipper" is the answer. The test didn't ask A-T or C-G or RNA de-coding. The test is more worried about zippers and ladders. The English--past perfect tense, present perfect tense, who,whom ,has, had ,she and me or her and I. gsssssh

Anyone out there wants to get together or has study ideas let me know. I have the math,science and reading covered and can help with that, I need help with the English. If 2 or 3 of us that has taken it and failed, can get together, we may be able to share enough info to help each other. Send me a private message to get a hold of me. Kokomo, Wabash, Peru, Logansport area.I would travel further if enough were interested to make the trip worth while. sstuber@ivytech.edu


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I'm trying to celebrate, got a total of 89.4 today! I think I'm satisfied with that for now, my brain is fried. I knew Science would be my worst...I got a 95 in Reading, 93 in Math, 80 in Science and like an 84 in English. I was honestly shocked that I passed after taking it, but looking back I realize all of my worrying was silly. The anticipation was worse than the actual test.

Samulation - I'm sorry you're having such a tough time with English. It is a challenge but I think you can do it. I hope you're able to find a study buddy.


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Glad to hear I'm not the only one stressing about the TEAS. I have bumped up my plan and am going to apply for the April 1st deadline, which suddenly means I need to take the TEAS for the first time this week (Monday!) to give myself time to retake it, then retake it again if needed. Ugh. I have two study guides, the ATI and another one by like Morrison Media or something. I bought the two online practice tests as a pre-test for myself, without studying or refreshing I got an 80%, which is bad, especially considering I got a 50% (!!!!!) on the science part. UGH. I'm going to be cramming over the weekend and praying to have a spontaneously smart day. Good luck everyone!

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I'm taking the TEAS for the first time on Monday *cross fingers*

So far APHY 201 has been okay I guess. The lecture from the second week, oh man, I thought it was never going to end. Na/K pump, woo.hoo.


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When is your class? I have mine on Tuesday/Thurs nights - I don't know why they went on and on about the Na/K pump for so long...it's like they are trying to freak us out.


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Hi melissa2012

I would be interested in your opinion of the Morrison study material. I bought it and looked it over. I gained a few things. I guess it is worth the money if it puts me over on the test. The material in my opinion is definitely not a night/day eye opener of information. The math was o.k the science was overwhelming, English is lacking.

I am getting some tutor help for the English. I will test again in February. The English is one of those things I never really learned very well. I read all the time, I understand everything I read. I can even tell you a sentence doesn't look or sound right. Picking the correction is confusing. I wonder how medical professionals that speak broken English and write poorly get through the system. I won't dwell on that too much i will concentrate on my short :banghead:coming and get through it.

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My section of 201 is on Saturdays, both lecture and lab. It makes for a long day, but it was the only one that worked with my work schedule so...

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