Ivy Tech TEAS and APHY 201 ?


I know there are a ton of TEAS support threads and I'm so grateful for them, but I am seriously freaking out. This should be a simple academic skills test right? I earned A's in all 4 pre reqs and now my entire future is resting on this darn test (drama queen, I know). The more practice skills assesments I take online, the worse I do! I bought the ATI manual and online test and did OK in Reading, Spelling and Math (80's or 90's) but Science I got a 45% in! I'm trying to "study" but how do you relearn your entire elementary education in a week or two? Then I went to the test preview website and took the vocab section questions - my lord those don't even make sense to me. I know I'm not dumb, but I don't do well on tests and since I can only take this test 3x ever, I don't know how to calm down about it. Wisdom and advice please :confused:


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I am in the exact... EXACT... same boat as you! I am freaking out too! I haven't taken a chem course since 1991~!

Not sure about the instructors. I am not taking 201. taking a different course.


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I graduated from college nine years ago. Took the TEAS Friday, Jan.9th. The test was a breeze. I studied for two weeks using the ATI TEAS Guide and a little of the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exam. Kaplan was a little more difficult. Time yourself with every test you take in ATI or both books. Give yourself a minute per question. If you can complete the test in a timely matter you will do well. Time seems to pass faster during the math section. It is due to some of the questions being so wordy (is that a word). I will not know my scores until Monday or Tuesday. I took the pencil/paper exam at Kennesaw State University in GA. Good Luck to everyone!!!


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When are you going to take the TEAS IndyIvy? Are you going to apply before the April deadline or some other time? I know we shouldn't be so worried, but there is so much resting on it! *sigh*

Thank you for the advice Lovnlife - I hadn't thought to time myself, but I'm going to try that. I hope you get the scores you want!


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I am going to take the teas this month, and give myself enough time JUST IN CASE i need to take it in Feb, and then again in March. I have to time it so I have enough time to take it 31 days apart. I started studying for it this weekend. A little late I know. Trying to work on learning the metric stuff.

I figure I'll have to take it twice. seems like everyone i know has taken it 2x. I get test anxiety so I am afraid I'll bomb the first try.

I plan on applying april 1st.

It all comes down to the teas for me. If I don't do well, I don't get into a program. then what do i do? I HAVE to do well on it. I am in my mid 30's and I have children to provide for. I don't have time to screw up. I need to get it done!


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I'm doing the same thing, I need to take it by the end of this month so I can take it twice more if need be (lord I hope not)...are you taking it at the Lawrence campus? Do you know what their testing hours are? I know it's walk in but I also don't think they do any night hours which stinks.

I know what you mean exactly - I have a child and have been trying this school thing for far to long to not be in a program by now...the TEAS is it! It's hard to find time to study with kids too...but I guess we are in for a lot more than this if we get into the program!

Do you work now?


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The ATI workbook was, for me, completely useless. I took 1 of the online practice tests that came with the workbook & did way worse than I had already done on the test at the school. I didn't even use the 2nd practice test. What a waste of money! I took the TEAS one more time after I had taken my pre-reqs & got a 92 on it. I took the TEAS the 1st time before I'd started any pre-reqs & only got an 87.


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Luckily I do not work. I know that I am fortunate.

I am probably going to take the Teas in greencastle b/c I have a class there. Also, they told me it was cheaper there.

I kind of like the ATI book. It has some stuff in there that I totally forgot about, esp in the math section.

I haven't taken CHem yet so I am hoping the chem section helps me. It certainly can't hurt me I don't think.


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Well it gives me hope to hear you were more successful on the actual test than the practice test! I'd be happy with an 87.

I haven't taken Chem in quite some time either - I did find that there were more questions on the practice test than what the study manual explained...one of the questions was about atomic mass (which is basic but just not explained). Something I'm finding helpful is to search instructional videos online for the concepts I can't quite grasp. I do think the manual is helpful as far as math, I feel quite confident in that subject even though it's always been a struggle for me.

I don't know how anyone works full time, raises kids and goes to school - I work part time and I too feel fortunate! How old are your kids?


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okay... this might not be a popular response, but here goes.... just go take it. i spent time worrying about it before i took it last year, and in retrospect it was wasted time worrying. it is what it is. i bought the study book and never looked at. anxiety of possibly failing kept me from doing it.--- soooo, instead, i decided that i was just going to go take the test and if i failed then at least i would have some idea of what to expect for when i would retest. kinda like a sneak peek. as it turned out i did well enough to pass and get into the program. im gald that i handled it that way because had i continued to let anxiety dominate my daily living i probably would have failed believing that the test was something that was going to get the better of me. it was very liberating going in there with the "what will be, will be" attitude. i think it actually helped me relax and therefore i was able to succeed. btw, i have been out of school since 1989 and i never took a chem class in my life. whatever approach you take i wish you well, and hope you find the confidence to realize that you can do it. (4A's in prereqs-- i'm sure you'll be fine.)


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Thanks! You post actually helped me more than you realize gayleraff. You are right, the anxiety of it all can't possibly be as bad as the test (b/c I am soooo worried about it). I am going to study the teas book but to think that it is what it is. i get another shot. otherwise, i am going to be so worried about it that I will mess up..


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