ISU: Does it matter where you went to LPN school?



I am graduating from LPN school at Galen in Louisville in about a week and a half. I am looking into ISU's LPN-BSN program. I am wondering if they require that you graduated from an NLN accredited LPN program to enter their program.

Apparently, another student from my program called them and they said they would not transfer credits from my school. However, I am thinking that what they might really be after is a copy of your license. I do not see anyting thing concerning the accreditation requirement on their site, but I might be missing something.

I do have a BS in another field.

Do any of you know about this issue?



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According to this page: --

under minimum admission requirements:

2. Completion of a practical nursing program of studies that is from any state accredited community college.

Note: The application of a graduate from a practical nursing program that is not state accredited will be evaluated on an individual basis. Credits earned at another college or university will be evaluated on an individual basis in accordance with the University and nursing program policies. Individuals who have a current active L.P.N./L.V.N. license but have no college credit will be evaluated on an individual basis.

So as long as your LPN program has state accreditation, you should be fine. Good luck!


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Generally it depends on how your LPN school was accredited. I went to an LPN course that was nationally accredited, not regionally like ISU so my courses would not transfer either, however if you have taken a class you do have the option to CLEP it (basically test out by proving that you know the material). If the college you recieved your BS in is regionally accredited & it has not been more than 10 years those credits would probably transfer.


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Credits from LPN schools that are not public community colleges generally do not transfer.


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I, like you, have my bachelors in another subject. I challenged the LVN when I was in nursing school, but before I graduated--did not graduate because my dad was dx with lung CA and I was his caretaker. I spent too many years out of the program so I decided to take the LVN NCLEX. Eventually, I decided to go for my BSN.

I applied to ISU based on having a LVN license and working in the well as a previous bachelor's. I received the college's acknowledgement of my transcripts and received the DARS (ISU's title for the process of checking your transcripts to see if you have missing classes). I have supplied all the nursing department's paperwork, fingerprinting, background check, and passed all challenge courses to make me eligible for Fall 2010, but I have not heard from ISU. I understand they will made a decision this month for Fall 2010.

I would suggest that you may want to call ISU and talk to a nursing counselor. The bottom line is they will need your transcripts to determine your eligibility. Best of luck.:twocents:


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I called ISU the other day and I told them I was interested in their LPN-BSN program, but I needed some clarification on one thing. So, then I asked if it mattered where you got your LPN from or if they were looking for LPN graduates of NLN accredited schools. I was told something very similar to, "No. We don't care where you went for your LPN. What we want is to see a copy of your license."




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With most schools it is the license that gets you in the door of an LPN to RN program. Secondarily, you may be able to transfer in courses that you have taken at most schools.


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Credits from LPN schools that are not public community colleges generally do not transfer.

Mine transferred and I didn't go to a community college for my LPN. I went to one of those career institute places that does LVN, MA, dental asst, etc.