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Bachelors Social Work; AA jounalism & liberal arts. Full time caretaker of my frail elderly bed bound mother

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  1. CSULA but CSUN also has a RN to BSN program.
  2. LA_StudentNurse

    Please help with case study for Nursing School

    I think the subject has been discussed at length. It is starting to become a bashing session, which is not the purpose of AllNurses. Let' move on. :hug:
  3. LA_StudentNurse

    Information Needed: Online Programs

    From what I understand, some nationally known testing sites (the same or similar to the company who proctored your NCLEX exam) will allow you to pay a yearly fee (say $200) to be proctored. You should be able to take the proctored tests anythere in the US....of course, that would have to be checked. There is an association of distant learning programs (or a name something like that) they have a national list available to people seeking proctored testing sites. Additionally, you could ask your facility to proctor you. If they have a medical library and librarian, that may be an easy choice. Don't let the requirement to have a proctor keep you from your goals. Best.
  4. LA_StudentNurse

    ISU: Does it matter where you went to LPN school?

    I, like you, have my bachelors in another subject. I challenged the LVN when I was in nursing school, but before I graduated--did not graduate because my dad was dx with lung CA and I was his caretaker. I spent too many years out of the program so I decided to take the LVN NCLEX. Eventually, I decided to go for my BSN. I applied to ISU based on having a LVN license and working in the field..as well as a previous bachelor's. I received the college's acknowledgement of my transcripts and received the DARS (ISU's title for the process of checking your transcripts to see if you have missing classes). I have supplied all the nursing department's paperwork, fingerprinting, background check, and passed all challenge courses to make me eligible for Fall 2010, but I have not heard from ISU. I understand they will made a decision this month for Fall 2010. I would suggest that you may want to call ISU and talk to a nursing counselor. The bottom line is they will need your transcripts to determine your eligibility. Best of luck.
  5. LA_StudentNurse

    job expenses to expect?

    Keep your eye on the goal. Consider going for your masters; with a masters, you can teach in the classroom--something you are experiened with. Every nursing school needs good, exerienced teachers. Like nursing, teaching can be a passion. A nurse with teaching experience sounds like a win/win situation.
  6. LA_StudentNurse

    job expenses to expect?

    Leaving, you should become a nursing teacher. There is such a need
  7. LA_StudentNurse

    Please help with case study for Nursing School

    I stand by my point. As far as the scenario, as one pointed out that it sounds like a TV soap opera, the information came from the agency offering the scholarship. However, I note that a previous post was severely edited....hmmmm
  8. LA_StudentNurse

    Please help with case study for Nursing School

    dura_mater, It may not be a issue of lying. From my understandig of the situation, one can be applying for a scholarship and have been accepted into the accelerated program but not yet taking classes. In my situation, I have been accepted in Indiana State University but yet to receive my acceptance into the Fall LVN-BSN distant learning nursing program. Had I been accepted, I would have applied for scholarships...and may have had do some similar type of essay. Fortunately for me, I am a former malpractice and tax paralegal who decided make an adult career change. The type of essay we are discussing would have been fun to address. Love debating a point...
  9. LA_StudentNurse

    Please help with case study for Nursing School

    Clearly the homework was designed to make the student think. The student must research the situation, know the laws of the state, info about rights and competency, etc. Quite honestly, there could be arguments made for disconnection or no disconnnection....thank goodness I am not on an ethics committee.
  10. LA_StudentNurse

    Information Needed: Online Programs

    Check out Indiana State University. They have a distant learning program; it may work for you. The distant learning program is completely distant learnig; clinicals (if required) are done in your area.
  11. LA_StudentNurse

    job expenses to expect?

    You did not state whether your are about to start NS or about to graduate. In this profession and there are expenses...licensing renewals, continuing educationn, malpractice, professional magazines; some equipment (if you start NS, you may be required to buy a bag containing many things, which may include BP cuff, steth., pen light, sissors, etc.). Nice thing about profressional expenses is they will be tax deductible. You can cut costs if you price compare, order on line, etc. When I was a poor new nurse, I bought my scrubs at the local thrift store. They had losts of life left in them, and I saved money. There are expenses, but nursing is a profession--it is not just a job.
  12. LA_StudentNurse

    The Patient in Bed 519

    Wouldn't it be nice if she could get her RN degree...after all, an extra hands, etc....
  13. LA_StudentNurse

    Mobbing support - threats, hostile work environment

    If you really feel threatened by this co worker and fear threats against your person, you have the right to file a restraining order. There are specifics as to the rationale for the request. In Calif one does not need an attorney to file and the superior court clerk has a hand out that outlines the steps to file and what had to be done. The court also has an advocate program that will help those seeking a restraining order. Or one can hire an attorney to do the paperwork and represent them in court. A restraining order is a very serious order as it will restrict a person's civil liberties. You will have to have a valid rationnale and specifics to file and potentially win your case. Should you win, the person you are seeking the restraining order from would have to stay away from you for a certain amount of feet, etc.
  14. LA_StudentNurse

    Need to find an accelerated BSN program that I can get into!

    There are programs for those who want to go into nursing and have a bachelors already. You enter into an accelerated nursing program and end up with your masters. I believe it is a masters in nursing science--I am not exactly certain of the degree name. If you go to the board of nursing for your state and check what programs are authorized in you state,that should help. Or You could get another bachelors in nursing, but you would be doing the exact same thing you would be doing in the masters in nursing science for people who have no nursing experience. The program works like this..for the first 1.5 years you work on your RN degree, take the NCLEX and when you pass and become an RN and you seamlessly continue with the masters in nursing science program. The questions is, which do you want...the accellerated BSN program that will give you another bachelors or a masters degree. Tuition may be similar. Your nursing board's website should give you info about which programs are approved by the board. I, like you, already have a bachelors, but I have been an emt and an LVN. My requirements are different and I need a distant learning program. Indiana State University is the program I selected, but it is not accelerated...other than it is an LVN to BSN program.
  15. LA_StudentNurse

    Several topics-new to LTC

    First time I had to deal with a DNR elderly person brough in from a SNF; I was doing my extern hours as an EMT. Apparently a senior citizen was given CPR at a facility but it was not until she was revived that anyone mentioned she was DNR. Because she was revived, they had to transport her to the ED. She was admitted and put into a 4 bed observation room in the ED. I vaguely remember the nurses talking about some kind of error but this was just in passing and I did not pay any attention. I was working and some errand took me to the room the elderly woman was in. All beds in the room were full as were the drapes around the beds. I noted that the woman was in a semi fowlers positon, was asleep and comfortable...but she was really still...so I went to the RN and report same--pt really still. The RNs eyes became saucers and she rushed in; the DNR had passed but no one has told the RN the DNR situation. She was about to call a code when someone took her aside and explained the situation. The RN was so ******; her heart rate must have skyrocketed. The next encounter was while I was a student-nurse nursing assistant. A woman had fought the good fight but she lost--it was expected since she was in the ICU. I was charged with watching the ICU monitor, etc.and noted she passed with no family present. Shortly after she passed, I was charged with packing her up and transporting her to the morgue. I had help from a CNA and together we transported her down the basement. Because the morgue was locked and we had to get the security guard...whose office was across the hall and one door down. He quickly opened the door and could not get out our of the way and back behind his closed door fast enough. I can only assume that he was uncomfortable with death and bodies. As for the CNA and I, we had worked with the deceased and were happy to give her the dignity in death she deserved. We took great care loading her into the refrigerated unit--as if she were our own relative. We were in no rush and when we were done, left to attend other duties. Afterwards, I had no bad feelings about our job and in fact, I was happy to care for her at that time. There have been other deaths over the years, but I still care for these people as if they were my own relatives...they deserve dignity even in death.