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That's awesome to hear. I'm in New York too and still waiting for my ATT as well. Hopefully soon, though I hear the testing centers are backed up til mid July.

Really? I thought it wasn't hard to get a test date. How'd you find that out? I'm curious because I want to take the NCLEX as soon as possible. Hoping our ATTs come sooner than later.


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Hello fellow graduates!

I have a similar yet different problem/concern...

I sent in my application and documents to MI BON in early April and received my application confirmation 2 weeks later. I then received my ATT on April 29th...before I had even graduated (graduated May 11). So I signed up to take it that day and actually just took it earlier today. My brain is roasted and toasted. I'm not sure what to make of having taken all 265 questions...after taking multiple predictor exams predicting 88%, 93% and 65 on kaplan practice exam that I would pass NCLEX first time. I'm too terrified to try the "trick" I've been reading so many stories of how it is worked for so many people but also heard multiple people and testimonies report that they received a false negative...did not get the good pop up but did end up passing...especially since i took all 265, I'm just going to have some faith....and a basketcase.

Anyways, on MI BON website when I go to check my application status it says under the column of missing documents and such, that they are still waiting for my transcripts (which because of a hold up by my school were finally sent this week), waiting to be made eligible and also waiting for NCLEX score.

My question is how come the website says basically that i have not been made eligible yet but I received my ATT from pearson back the end of April and registered to sit for NCLEX and actually did indeed take the exam today? Somewhere there is a disconnect....does anyone have any experience with this? Can this problem affect how my scores are interpreted and verified for authenticity? Someone from the BON had to have made me eligible otherwise i would not have received my ATT right? So why would the website on my file show that I have not even been made eligible yet? I am just a little worried and a little paranoid because I don't want something that I didn't even do wrong to affect the potentiality of my attaining my long awaited RN license.

Any help or comments or recommendations would be sooooo appreciated!

How did you even receive your ATT before you graduated. That doesn't make any sense to me, that is your ability to test meaning you finished nursing school, yet you received it before you finished.

Anyway, just because you had to do all 265 questions doesn't mean you have more of a chance of failing. My friend that's been a nurse for years passed with 265. Sounds like you went in there knowing what you were doing too. Good Luck!

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Sounds like there may have been an error that your ATT was inadvertently released pre-graduation as graduation is a.condition of eligibility. You might want to check with theBoN ASAP. I have no idea what recourse you would have if you shouldn't have been able to take the NCLEX pre-graduation and paid the $200 and took the test. Unless Pearson made the error...they can waive the fee to retest.

Did you ever see eligible to test on the BoN website?


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Really? I thought it wasn't hard to get a test date. How'd you find that out? I'm curious because I want to take the NCLEX as soon as possible. Hoping our ATTs come sooner than later.

I was talking to someone whose daughter just graduated. But she might have only looked at one testing center. I think it all depends on where you take it. I'm willing to drive a couple of hours if I have to, so I'm in the same boat as you are.

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