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Issues with another student


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I just want opinions on how you would handle this matter that I am about to describe; not necessarily how I should handle it..

I feel like I am getting some static, if you will, from another student for no particular reason. I am a nice, helpful person. I know I am. Am I perfect and good all the time?- uh no, but I try to anticipate the needs of others and accomodate them because that is just my peronality.

Nevertheless, I am a first semester nursing student and have long been over the infatuation stage with school, don't get me wrong; I love it. But I also put on a little metaphorical armor when I go to school/ clinical due to less than polite feedback from instructors and RN's. I can not say the same about other students in my cohort. I often hear a lot of griping about this instructor is lame bc of this or whatever. It annoys me bc there are other people who would love to take their spot in the program. Because of this I tend to distance myself when I sense a whining party coming on.

Anyways, this girl that I feel like has been calling me out in very subtle ways has worked on assignments with me in clinical and a couple of group assignments. When I make suggestions for her portion of the work she becomes defensive rather than accepting that maybe she does need to make some changes. I try to work collaboratively with her but I just get short stiff answers in return. She even sent out a group email and in a sneaky sort of way directly called me out by name that she has to change her portion of an assignment because mine was too similar to hers. It was not too similar! And in care plans, there will be some overlap when treating various disorders.

I just feel angry because I don't deserve this at all and I really just want to say something to her. I am like my dad and sometimes my blood just boils and I become a little more outraged than I would like to be. Anyways thanks for reading about my issues and I appreciate any comments in advance.

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Yes, please say something to her. If you don't, you will continue to be angry and it will come out in weird ways toward her. (I am currently going through this with one of my classmates). If you are honest, but tactful, you will feel a ton better about the situation. You may want to steer clear from this person in the future if you can.

I would not only talk to your fellow student, but also your instructor. Explain that this attitude is not acceptable, nor will you tolerate any type of an attempt to sabotage your academic track.

Good luck on your achievement, and keep your head up.

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I would refrain from making suggestions about how she could do her portion of the work. Do your own thing and mind your own business. She is probably feeling defensive if you have been giving her feedback about her work without her asking you to do so.

If its a group effort/grade she/he NEEDS to give her input....

Speak with the instructor before she makes YOU look bad.

You've tried to be a good partner.

It seems like she can't take critique.

I would never want her as my nurse.... Yikes!!!

It depends on what you suggested she change. As long as she addressed everything required in her portion of the assignment, you dont have to like it. Let's say she's doing the interventions and you're doing Patho. Whatever interventions she comes up with are fine as long as she has the rationales to go with them. Now you may have preferred to use different interventions but so what....you're not working on interventions. But if she has interventions and no rationales, then youre suppose to say "Hey, we need some rationales"