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I'll be returning to hospital nursing soon and am in search of the best Brain Sheets to try out. I've searched online and some come with a starter pack, but that costs quite a bit and I don't want to buy it unless I know it's what will work for me.

When I was just starting out a 'brain' sheet would've just been a blank sheet of paper divided into sections with a pen. That may end up being what I ultimately go back too. Since I'm expecting to be a bit unorganized, I was hoping to give myself the best chance at not looking so and my patients the best care possible.

Anyone have Brain Sheets they are willing to share on here? Is that allowed? I'd be forever grateful for something I could just download and try out.


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If you type in "brain sheet" into the search bar, there appears to be lots of thread on it with many examples posted. Obviously, you have to find what works best for you depending on type of unit, etc. Hope this helps!

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Thank you, I will do that now!

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The Ultimate Nursing Brain Sheet Database (33 nurse report sheet templates)

I got mine from this site, downloaded it and printed on bright colored cardstock, front and back. I laminated it and use ultra fine tip sharpies, 1 color for report and labs, and another color for prn mends given ,changes or new orders with the patient and new labs resulted above the original labs I started with. The sharpie is erased with using an expo and paper towel. 1 sheet has room for 6 patients, 3 on each side.


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I'm an older RN, what the h*#l is a brainsheet?

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FighterRN2018 said:
I'm an older RN, what the h*#l is a brainsheet?

I just downloaded all the examples that the nice lady provided me the link for. Basically a brain sheet is an outline for the care of your patient related to what they are hospitalized for. You begin it when you are taking report. It's a very organized way of knowing your patient: IV, IV location, what type of fluids they have running, what their labs values are, upcoming tests for the shift, Meds. Once you get the basics in report, you add to it through the shift. Notes, reminders, it's just the illusion of feeling like you've semi got yourself together. And, I need that.