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Is there such thing as a dumb airhead nurse?

Hi there

I am wondering as I am feeling troubled in why some nurses have to talk about certain nurses claiming they are airheads or shouldnt be doing the job? Or have no common sense etc

I find it really cruel and insensitive because I consider my self a novice nurse, still learning especially when coming from Australia. Nursing is a really hard profession to be in and yet to deal with horizontal violence like that is just outrageous.

Right now I am trying to figure myself out whether or not while staying in Calgary if I will do nursing. If I do the nursing, I think I would quit to hear someone call me that.

Anyways, would like to know what you would think about this. This behaviour is deplorable especially when there is a nursing shortage and I have to say to those who have been accussed of that, at least you are trying.

Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

Unfortunately you will always see something like this, I have seen it a few times in the UK. I have also worked with nurses with no common sense at all and many of us wondered how they made it through school. Coming from another country and learning new stuff you usually will find tolerance, I know I would like to think when I worked with foreign trained nurses in the UK that I assisted them as much as I could but if you tell the person the same thing several times you do wonder if they are understanding what you are telling them. However the ones I did have worries about generally was nurses who trained in the UK. I think no matter what the profession is you will always come across someone who you feel would be better doing something else. Even if there is a nursing shortage at the end of the day you have to be safe to look after patients

lenjoy03, RN

Specializes in Critical Care.

Agree on you silverdragon. Wherever you go, whatever profession you have, people are different. Some people will help you up, some people well... will grab you down. Its a matter of adjustment. JUst do your work. DOnt listen to what they're saying. BUt dont forget to ask if you have questions and in doubt. Hope this helps...

Thank you Lenjoy and Silverdragon for your words of advice. I appreciate it.

I do like asking questions and it really hasnt stopped me especially if I am in doubt or interested in something

Thank you both so much:yeah::typing

I am so sorry that you wee treated so harshly I have had nurses treat me with a alot of unprofessionalisn when I was a young nurse but now as the years progress, i just dont feed into it I call it the homonal outbursts, I look at these nurses as I would with any person with behavioral problems after all Nurses are human beings first and I address them in a matter of fact professional manner and that is all .They know and understand that and that ends the resolves he problem.

Hi CitCat

No it wasnt me that got targeted by those comments. I heard those comments from other nurses and some other staff members on the unit. It left me gobsmacked :no: People are too harsh.

It is hard to believe anyone could get through nursing school and be a dumb airhead(though nothing is possible). What is more likely is that a person could be having a bad time with their life or job and seem distracted and unfocused. In these cases a person needs support, critizing them get everyone no where.

There are "airheads" in every profession not just nursing. I've had bank tellers that could barely manage to count the bills out into your hand, check out people at Safeway put the eggs in the bottom of the bag.

A big part of the problem in Alberta right now is the labour shortage. If you are have a pulse and a practice permit you will get hired. You might not be good at your job but they will keep you. Remedial attention from CNE's, extra buddy shifts that go on for months and months.

Common sense unfortunately isn't that common any more. You just have to shake your head at times.

I've never heard the name calling on my unit. Eyes might roll when the float list comes down from staffing but that's about it.

Are you at Foothills? If you are that could explain a lot.

Hi. It does'nt matter where you work, there's usually going to be a handful of toxic people who, for one reason or another, feel good about putting others down. The best advice I can give you is to refuse to play the game. Remain professional and do your job to the very best of your ability, and those who are worthy will respect you for it. As for the others, oh well, too bad. No love lost, right?

Maybe not so much that they are "airheads" but clumsy or forgetful would be the better term for those they are deeming to be airheads. Some people are just so cruel and rude is the only thing that can come out of their mouths.

llg, PhD, RN

Specializes in Nursing Professional Development.

Thank you Lenjoy and Silverdragon for your words of advice. I appreciate it.

I do like asking questions and it really hasnt stopped me especially if I am in doubt or interested in something

Thank you both so much:yeah::typing

Asking questions is usually a good thing. However, be careful that you ask them in a way that doesn't make you sound too terribly weak and needy. You don't want to give the appearance of being in way over your head and totally unable to learn the job. Learn how to ask questions in a way that shows you have some strength within you -- you know basic principles, you have done some reading, etc. It sounds like you may already have mastered that art, but I thought I'd mention it in case you or some other readers might not have thought about that.

For example ... It's better to say, "I just want to double-check this with you to be on the safe side ..." than it is to say, "I am totally helpless and have no idea what is going on here and then giggle like a school girl."

Some new grads give the impression that they are learning at a steady pace and capable of learning all that they need to know. They appear to have an inner strength that will help them be successful -- and experienced nurses respond positively to that. However, some new grads present themselves as being not only new and experienced, but also as unable to learn new material. They ask the same questions over and over again, don't seem to make progress from one week to the next, and/or seem unwilling to invest their time in doing any studying. They just seem too "needy" and/or incapable of standing on their own too feet in the foreseeable future. These are the ones that are most vulnerable to being rejected by the staff.

It's somewhat like dating and other social situations. Few people are attracted to the really needy people who seem desparate. A similar phenomenon happens in the workplace.

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