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Is Shortage in Nursing really a hoax?

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I took a many “Sign On Bonuses,” but I will be completely honest in what they led to.

2004- $7,000 for 2 years in Med Surge in Jackson, MS.

2006- DFW Area ED Dept. Staff RN- Tarrant County Hospital- $75,000 signed contract to work through all Holidays for 1 year including New Years Eve, NYD, Xmas Eve, XMas, MLK Day, Good Friday, Easter, Memorial Day, and 4th of July, and the bonus check tax free came July 5th, and I put it on a GulfStream Airstream Camper.  I will never forget 6 mos of work at one year bought my family this beautiful Masterpiece RV.  We love it so much!!!!

But, the shortage has gone away since then, but trust me, it will return.  Too many aged in our society vs. the number to take care of them.  It’s just elementary math.  And the baby boomers will need care,...

and it’s coming like a train running down a track that is ending, at full speed.

The Recession confused things putting retired RN’s/LPN’s back to work, but be sure, the derailment is coming...

if you are licensed, your time is coming...

The Hospitals, Clinics, and all the other agencies that have benefit over a few years of cheap labor are going to have to swallow a bitter pill.

The worth of an RN and LPN, Heck, even qualified CNA/PCT is coming soon...

”Mark My Word.”...

The baby boomers just lived a decade or two longer than expected, and that drag on Medical Professionals is...

”Coming Soon,” to a desperate employer near you!!!!!

These aged boomers are insured, many with supplemental insurance!!!

And, the Healthcare “Card-House” will again BEG YOU TO HELP, and no amount of profit college and tech schools will fill the gap of this need, just watch,...

it will fall without you.

and the profits this time will be yours again.

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