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  1. VykingboyRN

    Scared to death

    I wish I could report better news... I even sat and passed my US Corp of Engineers Exam, and received the bonding and insurance personal number. Upon filling out for my Official PE Licensure Number, there it was... “Do you have now, or have you had in the past, any territorial governmental issued professional license that underwent any investigation, discipline, voluntary surrender, inactivity, or revocation? If Yes, please explain below.” I got a great Attorney, but guess what? Bing! Bing! Bing! You Kyle, are the next contestant on Please satisfy the MS State BON, even though you don’t plan to practice one further day as an RN, NP, or even UAP Position!!!!! $27,487 and 5 years later, I have my license clear and active... just to let go inactive as a Chemical Engineer in a Consulting Firm, lol! Karma is mean, and she has a dark morbid sense of humor...
  2. VykingboyRN

    What does your username mean?

    Ok, and this may be a bit “Off Topic,” but how does the wide eyed car avatar come into play with that chosen screen name???
  3. VykingboyRN

    Scared to death

    Ouch, a lesson for ANY future nurse dealing with the BON and any thought of self-disclosure(GET AN ATTORNEY BEFORE ANY BOARD OF NURSING RELATED COMMUNICATION OF ANY DISCLOSURE!!!) And, if it seems like I am coming off hard and inconsiderate- I made the same mistake as the OP, and paid with financing another career from scratch. And, (drum roll),... finding out that I still had to satisfy my BON before moving on with my new Professional Board without ever working another day in Nursing(and that doesn’t even take into account all the $Thousands spent to just comply with a Board I will never need again... LAWYER UP!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. VykingboyRN

    JUUL CEO Apologizes to Parents for Teen Epidemic

    @GRUMPY RN Yes Sir, Total Satire as a vaping RN turned Engineer who doesn’t want to pay $250 for a Hotel Smoking Fee,... But, who does really miss the taste and satisfaction of a “real” cigarette that would honestly be happy to give them my “wheelchair” years for quick stroke or massive Heart Attack, Lol. You have no worries Sir, My wife stays on my back end hard and scary enough to make the thoughts of even “sneaking,” a cigarette after my non-smoking years on the level of infidelity... but I will honestly say, I feel like applying the same bans as Tobacco Smoking- on Vaping, a War on a lesser evil. That said, No fees since Vaping in Hotels and Airports/Airlines, so a mute point until I get caught...
  5. VykingboyRN

    JUUL CEO Apologizes to Parents for Teen Epidemic

    And it’s much safer than combustible cigarettes which cause “second hand smoke,” but with the all the regulation on “where” you can use them- which should have been a “plus.” I have decided just to go back to regular smoking tobacco. I mean, if there is no gain to switching to “Vaping,”... I’d rather just continue supporting hard working Carolina and Virginia Farmers. If the public has such an issue with a Heating Steam with Nicotine Replacement that gives the satisfaction of smoking without the second-hand effects, heck, I’ll have the “real thing.” Their Loss...
  6. VykingboyRN

    Ohio Hospital Fires 23 After Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

    Trust your gut always. MD’s/DO’S/NP’s/PA’s get tired in this “Narcotic Crisis,” and write checks your BON WILL NOT CASH!!!!! If you have “The First Reservation,” do not administer the order. Your License can be insured, it CANNOT be Guaranteed. (During my tenure as an RN, NP- many drug companies were coming to Hospitals talking about the “Patient’s Right to be Pain Free.” I have seen that cost many HCP’s their Professional Licenses. Chart like your children’s lives(you may not have children), but pretend you do have hungry children, and they ARE hungry, and your decisions with Narcotics depend on YOUR ability to feed them. This NEW government mentality doesn’t need you to “mess up,” or “make a mistake,” only to “give more pain relieving medications than fellow nurses on other shifts.” Then, “Game Over.”
  7. VykingboyRN

    Is Shortage in Nursing really a hoax?

    I took a many “Sign On Bonuses,” but I will be completely honest in what they led to. 2004- $7,000 for 2 years in Med Surge in Jackson, MS. 2006- DFW Area ED Dept. Staff RN- Tarrant County Hospital- $75,000 signed contract to work through all Holidays for 1 year including New Years Eve, NYD, Xmas Eve, XMas, MLK Day, Good Friday, Easter, Memorial Day, and 4th of July, and the bonus check tax free came July 5th, and I put it on a GulfStream Airstream Camper. I will never forget 6 mos of work at one year bought my family this beautiful Masterpiece RV. We love it so much!!!! But, the shortage has gone away since then, but trust me, it will return. Too many aged in our society vs. the number to take care of them. It’s just elementary math. And the baby boomers will need care,... and it’s coming like a train running down a track that is ending, at full speed. The Recession confused things putting retired RN’s/LPN’s back to work, but be sure, the derailment is coming... if you are licensed, your time is coming... The Hospitals, Clinics, and all the other agencies that have benefit over a few years of cheap labor are going to have to swallow a bitter pill. The worth of an RN and LPN, Heck, even qualified CNA/PCT is coming soon... ”Mark My Word.”... The baby boomers just lived a decade or two longer than expected, and that drag on Medical Professionals is... ”Coming Soon,” to a desperate employer near you!!!!! These aged boomers are insured, many with supplemental insurance!!! And, the Healthcare “Card-House” will again BEG YOU TO HELP, and no amount of profit college and tech schools will fill the gap of this need, just watch,... it will fall without you. and the profits this time will be yours again.
  8. VykingboyRN

    Reporting conviction to BON

    I just wanted to say, on the question, “do you think a lawyer could benefit me after self incrimination...” My “Public Defender” had my statement thrown out because I had made it under the influence of a Narcotic,” and it was stricken from record. In gathering the fees imposed by the State- he honestly said, “Put your wife on the street if you have too.” I didn’t do that, btw. ANY Lawyer, is better than no lawyer at ANY Hearing involving your future. I was lucky enough to know what my fate would have been with an attorney and without, and I will always say, “Lawyer Up!” Had I been able to afford one in the beginning, it would have saved me thousands in the long run after I got my Engineering Degrees after leaving the BON in the dust. It honestly feels like I am an escaped slave from a plantation having to deal with the plantation owners whip after I got my free papers, but they were STILL able to control my life because of my other Professional Organization. No other organization is scrutinized like Nurses, and it has to stop, it is pure abuse even when Nurses want to leave and go pursue another field, but are pursued by “master.” No, My ability to be an effectual Chemical Engineer should have nothing to do with the MS BON, but they still have me by the “roundies.” There is no other governing body that has such power even after one leaves the practice, except Nursing. And to get “Free” of them, was the same as keeping my License. That is Over-reach and far out of bounds in my opinion. The things that can happen to “Good” People is beyond nightmares. I still have them at night years beyond what happened to me.
  9. VykingboyRN

    Hope after License Revocation...

    Hi, I have been reading in the Nursing Recovery since my “fall from grace” in 2007. I self reported to the Board, totally naive of the consequences it would bring, after attempting to detox with the help of my then Ex-Wife, in a Hotel, with 7 days off(On a Travel Nursing Assignment)- addicted to (here goes...) Dilaudid, Hydromorphone, Hydrocodone, and Oxycodone. Most of which came from an “Rx Happy” Physician in our small town that I frequented(and loved, he was actually a great Doc my Addiction manipulated into an “enabler,” because I was too successful, handsome(Lol), young, and in control to be an addict(which I was the King of Addiction). The rest I STOLE in the form of wastes. The advent of pyxisTM got me, every nurse swore it couldn’t be true or right- even my Administrator, told me he would personally see this through- I BROKE A LOT OF HEARTS. I let many people down. Guilt led me to self report. When that BON nurse was going through all my contract, all I could focus on was how rough withdrawals were going to be, and I even asked “could we go over this stuff after rehab,” because I was already feeling dope sick, which she kindly relented. After the investigator, before her, I was mentally defeated and broken. Fast forward 90 days, and I am out. I cannot stomach facing the board, or their plans for me. Living under their microscope. I “accepted” I wanted a life of sobriety, but not to live on their terms. I had a disease in search of a tx, not a crime in search of a punishment. I faced felony charges despite them saying Diversion Program + Rehab would spare me, and I entered a Court Diversion Program that let me buy my way out of trouble for $3000 plus “restitution” of $450, and court costs of $550. 24 months of calling once a month, and random screens. I was terrified, I had lost my career. What good was I? My wife left me(infidelity with someone she thought a better “catch,” I know I brought shame to my family... I accepted my “consequences” one by one until I accepted this is a “disease process.” I said a prayer, then surrendered my Life. I bit down hard, and decided I was strong enough for Nursing and the Education it took to get me there, I WOULD SUCCEED AGAIN- SOMEHOW. I would start again! Right then, I applied for every menial job. I stocked shelves at Walmart, and a popular Pet store, lol, for no more than $8.50/hr. My cousin worked as a Wastewater Operator. He told me about water, “The Best Kept Secret in Industry.” I took a part time job, working in Water Treatment(at $19/hr) that quickly became full-time. With-in 3 months, they asked if I was willing to go back to school for Civil or Chemical Engineering- on their dime. I snatched their arm out of it’s socket! Lol! I worked “DuPont Shifts”(which I miss terribly) at a Power Plant making MORE THAN I EVER MADE AS AN RN!!!! Now I am a Chemical Engineer, and my Retirement is set at 38 yrs old, I am remarried to an Awesome woman, and we are in a Hotel right now in Savannah, Georgia overlooking Bay Street and the River, and I am filled with the gratitude of second chances. Both my Wife and I grew up in poor homes (MS and AR/MI), and now we are learning the stock market and investment education, as well as starting our own Foundation to care for the Low-country Poor we so often come in contact with. Now my point! Sorry so long(though I have shown you my naked soul, Lol), You Made it Through Nursing School!!! You proved you can make something out of nothing! I PROMISE YOU the only one, THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN HOLD YOU BACK IS “YOU!” Your microbiology alone will serve you well in water treatment- which averages $50K/year only asking for a HS diploma. I am now at $159K/Yr in a Poor Southeastern State(with great beaches and mountain vistas). As an aside, you’d never believe how much the Nursing Process helped me in water treatment. Diagnosis of the problem, “ADPIE,” until problem solved! It’s mostly a biological system that treats water, before chemical additives that are simple. Water is the “New Nursing Shortage.” We need it to live. Think, even during the depression- Utility guys who shut off your power/water still had jobs. I just want you to continue to use that incredible critical thinking that got you through school, to overcome your obstacles, and lead you to success once- and it will lead you to the next rung even stronger. Even if that’s not as an LPN/RN/?SN or whatever you made... Heck, CNAs and PCTs have my utmost respect- You can conquer anything if you succeeded at Society’s most taxing call:/. You are not defeated, and many employers are looking for folks just like you! A wise human once said, “Don’t show me a successful person! Show me a person that has lost everything, and bounced back to tell the story.” You did this once, You can do it again, better. No, you can give your “Best.” Because if “I” did it, anyone can. There were many more obstacles, the only one I disclosed was my addiction. Begin with “End” insight. You Got This! Surrender your addiction, not your self empowerment! A Doctorate of Chemical and Hydro Engineering, who still had “RN,” in his Email, and has regained Licensure Status- even though I don’t and won’t ever need it again:]