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  1. VykingboyRN

    Bombed New Grad Interview

    An “Interview,” is both ways, and I believe they showed you exactly how you’d feel working there. “Antennas Up!!” Best of Luck, and Prayers for your guidance and a position you’ll love, grow in, and be challenged by - to be your best.
  2. Commit a Random Act of Kindness, (even when it’s inappropriate, scary, unpopular, or inconvenient).”

  3. VykingboyRN

    Why the double standard.

    Being 100% honest, because of the era we live in, #metoo, and social expectations that are alive and well, I didn’t EVEN GET THE TRAINING NECESSARY in 10 years of Nursing MS, ER, Critical Care to conduct a female procedure. In Nursing School, we were...
  4. VykingboyRN

    Hope after License Revocation...

    Absolutely! There was just no one to give me hope, only sympathy/empathy. This whole career I planned on, gone. Stories of RN’s and APRN’s working at Walmart and McDonalds, No... Your skills will transfer over to many, many, many other trades. And, ...
  5. VykingboyRN

    Scared to death

    I wish I could report better news?... I even sat and passed my US Corp of Engineers Exam, and received the bonding and insurance personal number. Upon filling out for my Official PE Licensure Number, there it was... “Do you have now, or have you had ...
  6. VykingboyRN

    I am scared of being fired as a new grad

    You don’t have to believe me, I know that tearing feeling that you’ve chose the wrong profession, this is all nuts, everything is going wrong... You’ll look back and laugh(internally) one day watching a newbie clawing their way to keep their head abo...
  7. VykingboyRN

    What does your username mean?

    Ok, and this may be a bit “Off Topic,” but how does the wide eyed car avatar come into play with that chosen screen name????
  8. VykingboyRN

    Scared to death

    Ouch, a lesson for ANY future nurse dealing with the BON and any thought of self-disclosure(GET AN ATTORNEY BEFORE ANY BOARD OF NURSING RELATED COMMUNICATION OF ANY DISCLOSURE!!!) And, if it seems like I am coming off hard and inconsiderate- I made t...
  9. VykingboyRN

    JUUL CEO Apologizes to Parents for Teen Epidemic

    @GRUMPY RN Yes Sir, Total Satire as a vaping RN turned Engineer who doesn’t want to pay $250 for a Hotel Smoking Fee,... But, who does really miss the taste and satisfaction of a “real” cigarette that would honestly be happy to give them my “wheelcha...
  10. VykingboyRN

    JUUL CEO Apologizes to Parents for Teen Epidemic

    And it’s much safer than combustible cigarettes which cause “second hand smoke,” but with the all the regulation on “where” you can use them- which should have been a “plus.” I have decided just to go back to regular smoking tobacco. I mean, if ther...
  11. VykingboyRN

    Ohio Hospital Fires 23 After Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

    Trust your gut always. MD’s/DO’S/NP’s/PA’s get tired in this “Narcotic Crisis,” and write checks your BON WILL NOT CASH?!!!!! If you have “The First Reservation,” do not administer the order. Your License can be insured, it CANNOT be Guaranteed. (Du...
  12. VykingboyRN

    Is Shortage in Nursing really a hoax?

    I took a many “Sign On Bonuses,” but I will be completely honest in what they led to. 2004- $7,000 for 2 years in Med Surge in Jackson, MS. 2006- DFW Area ED Dept. Staff RN- Tarrant County Hospital- $75,000 signed contract to work through all Holiday...
  13. VykingboyRN

    Reporting conviction to BON

    I just wanted to say, on the question, “do you think a lawyer could benefit me after self incrimination...” My “Public Defender” had my statement thrown out because I had made it under the influence of a Narcotic,” and it was stricken from record. I...
  14. VykingboyRN

    What does your username mean?

    My name is “VykingboyRN,”... That’s because I come from a long line of Norwegians, and I misspelled Viking purposefully because I live in the “South,” where it is said that way -Vyking, and there are very few Norwegians in the US Deep South outside o...
  15. VykingboyRN

    Hope after License Revocation...

    My life past “BON” are documented on Instagram, under “Vykingboy.” Never give up! “You only live once.”