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Is the Saunders book really good?


Hi All,

Does anyone have the Saunders Comprehensive Nclex review 5th or 6th edition with the cdrom?

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Nienna Celebrindal

Has 12 years experience.

I only felt like it was good if you wanted to do a lot of content review, it doesn't have a ton of questions.

Nienna Celebrindal

Has 12 years experience.

I feel like I got the most out of kaplan, lacharity, and lippincott's sata book.

Saunders is great for content, but you probably need to do it with a review course for strategy.

I only used Saunders 6th edition to study for boards. I skimmed the whole book, plus practiced the online questions. (No CD with the 6th ed. just a code to use on evolve) I only studied for 10 days for the NCLEX but I read every rational for the questions, even the ones I got right. I didn't want to wait too long after I graduated in May because I was afraid I would forget stuff. I passed with 75 questions in June, and I knew walking out that I passed. The Saunders questions seemed similar to the boards to me. I practiced a lot of alternate format. No matter what study book you go with you should probably do the same, a good half of my questions were sata,or put in order, click on the appropriate picture ect. Good luck :)