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  1. Weekend Work

    At my hospital, new grads in the OR are typically put on 5 8s or 4 10s. Like others have said the weekends and nights are off hours and when the crazy calls of really sick/ hurt patients come in. A new grad is less equipped to deal with these cases t...
  2. How much betadine to prep with?

    No I haven't used it yet, it sounds awful though! One of the orthopods that I work with has us prep with alcohol first then the hibiclens. That makes me more nervous than the chloraprep. I'm worried about pooling and vapors with the straight alcohol,...
  3. How much betadine to prep with?

    I prefer the chloraprep to betadine. The only cases I use B/B for are urology, cataracts and GYN cases. One of the tips I use when doing vaginal/ perineal preps is to put a small garbage bag under the patients bum before starting and pulling the bag ...
  4. OR nursing/peri op programs

    I am in AZ and I have heard that other ORs around here have that "nurses eat their young" mentality. I love my unit and the people I work with! When I hired on I asked about if I would be allowed an extension if still not comfortable, my director sai...
  5. OR nursing/peri op programs

    Is it an interview for a periop 101 position? I am a new grad RN and started periop 101 through my hospital that I am hired at. It's a 6 month orientation learning about the OR through AORN. After 6 weeks of classes you take an online exam and precep...
  6. Is the Saunders book really good?

    I only used Saunders 6th edition to study for boards. I skimmed the whole book, plus practiced the online questions. (No CD with the 6th ed. just a code to use on evolve) I only studied for 10 days for the NCLEX but I read every rational for the ques...