Is 1 "C" bad?


I just finished my pre-reqs and I forgot I had a "C" in my first A&P class. I have an A in micro and a B+ in A&P2...............and all A's the rest of the way. Should I retake A&P1 this summer or just try to apply with that one "C"???


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It really depends on what schools your applying to. You should check out what the schools standards are, but if your not happy with the grade you should just redo it.


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I agree with Kristen. It's smart to get advice from your future nursing program. Plus it gives you an excuse to make contact with the staff and academic advisors there.

I'm not applying until this September, but have been taking prereqs for the last couple years. I've contacted my future nursing school several times (about every 6 months) as I've had questions come up. I am polite and friendly and know advisors and several people in the department just from that small contact. That could be an advantage when my application is 1 of hundreds.

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Talk to the advisor at your program. Is it a points-based admissions program? Do they look at cumulative GPA or pre-req GPA? I don't think one C is going to kill you if your overall GPA or pre-req GPA is solid. I know we all tend to stress about grades :D

If they base admissions on pre-reqs only, you might want to re-take A&P I if it pulls your pre-req GPA down too far. Again, the nursing advisor would be the best person to answer this question. You might just get the reassurance you need that everything is fine :up:


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I say apply, and while you wait you can always retake it. Most schools it depends on what everyone else is applying with when you are applying. In A&P 1 I got a B- and in Micro I got a B- and in A&P 2 I got an A-. I was just accepted for the fall 2013 nursing program. Good luck. Ours is based on a point scale for entrance.

I don't necessarily think a C is bad. As of now I have one C on my transcript in college algebra (not retaking). If you think it would help if you retook it then retake it. I would still apply before retaking it though.


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I have a C in comp 1 (from 10 years ago) and my advisor said that if I re-take it I will loose more points than I will earn. They deduct points for retakes even if you passed the class the first time. I would check with the school first!


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I had a C in A&P1 and a B in A&P2. I applied and was accepted on my first try. Our school is based on a point system as well, where as long as you passed the class, you got the points for it. Of course, the C affected my GPA which was also taken into account, but you can't go wrong by applying. The worst they can do is reject you.