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Is the medical field right for me?

I have been a CNA/HHA for the past 6 months, I worked at 2 nursing homes

one of which was a state VA center. Then I went into home health.

I begin classes in august for my BSN, but after being a CNA I really don't enjoy

it, i DREAD going to work.

Is this just because I am a CNA and its not what I want to do? or Is the medical

field just not for me?

I am really into the serious trauma stuff I always have been.

I am just really worried that I am going to waste four years in school on something I

dont want to do?

So what do you all think?

Please help!


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Have you tried shadowing a nurse in a hospital to see exactly what nurses do?

It depends what part about it you don't like. As CNAs we often get stuck with the dirty work and are rushed to get all our pts done in a timely manner, often compromising quality of care. If that's the part you don't like then I wouldn't be too worried about it.

Maybe LTC isn't right for you, if trauma is what you love then see if you can get a ED cna job at a local hospital. The beauty of nursing is you can work anywhere you have interest in. LTC not right? Go to the ED, if that isn't as compatible with you as expected go to ICU, or OB, or anything you can imagine.

As stated above, shadow a nurse! That's the best way to discover if it's right for you

No I haven't but I really should!!! Thanks for the Idea!!!!!!

I'm with SangGang92!!! Either shadow or just sit out in the ER, just to observe (I used to do this when I was a teen; I was a rather "groovey" kid). An LTF is where I hope to join to kick off my nursing career. RN's and CNA duties and responsibilities are worlds apart, as you know. Trust me, I am still a Nursing Assistant until I land a job as an RN. I graduate with a BSN and it is as hard as ALL out doors to grab a new grad program unless you have dinner with the Nurse Managers or complete a "Solid Gold"(old dance/music show in the early to mid'80's, if you are a youngster) rendition of "Catch me I'm Falling" with your friends in front of the hospital in which you choose to work.

:dancgrp:Personally, I have tried this, yet it does not work (just kidding)...

Anyway, all jiving a side. You have the minerals to get into a BSN program; that says a lot. Also, you do not want to regret not completing your goal to be an RN for the rest of your life, you know? There are many factors that could make a person say, " Oh HEck no!!! I WILL NOT do this??!!!" When your gut says this, it is time to walk away. I sat out for a year, due to financial problems, at it ate me up inside. When I returned to school and I felt brand new and eady to tackle the world. I hope that whatever you decide, please remember that if everyone wanted to be an RN, everyone would do it. It takes a special breed to care for human beings: consider youself as special:yeah:

my ultimate goal in life is to become either an OB/GYN, Anesthisiologist or Surgeon. i want those more than anything and the BSN is just a stepping stone to get me there. I have been accepted and even attended one the nations top university (university of tulsa), stupidly I dropped out because of a pregnancy and it was costing me approximately 27,000 for one semester of school 10,000 was out of pocket expense. But I am a B average student. I am planning on going through University of Oklahoma to get my BSN.

The only thing i hate about be a CNA is showering and feeding. But i think it might just be the area im in, i never have nor will i ever want to be specifically geriatric. If i do decide to get my BSN i would love to work in trauma, n after that NICU or PICU (cause i hear that trauma units have an extremely high turnover rate) so im going to prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

not that this means much, but this profession kinda runs in my blood, if you know waht i mean. My grandma and granpa and uncle and aunt and dad (should have just used commas haha im a dork) were all paramedic, firefighters, cops. And mom was just a cop. My cousin is paramedic and cop. (the cop don't mean much) but i remember as a kid i was so intrigued by their stories of accidents and other such things.

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my ultimate goal in life is to become either an OB/GYN, Anesthisiologist or Surgeon. i want those more than anything and the BSN is just a stepping stone to get me there.

If you really want to become a doctor why not obtain a degree in Biology and then go straight to med school...instead of obtaining a BSN and working for a few years as a nurse? :twocents:

Well that's what I originally began college I was a pre-med student at the univ of tulsa the only reason I have decided against that us I don't want to be a CNA for the next 12 years of my life.


If you haven't already been accepted into the university of Oklahoma, make sure you apply to 2-3 schools just in case you don't get in. I applied for OU a couple of years back and had not applied to any other schools, I ended up not getting in, and then had to wait a whole year again because other school admissions were already past their admission deadlines. Anyway I'm happy to say that i applied for both OU and Midwestern State University last year. I didn't get into OU once again, but did get into Midwestern State University, I would apply here as well if you live close to Wichita Falls, TX.

I am going to the ou Tulsa campus. But I'm getting into ou in a kinda odd way. They are partnered with Tulsa community college and they allow you to do all your basics at tcc then transfer over to ou with promised enterance.


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Swayman - it might just be the field you're in. Do you still live in Tulsa? Have you tried applying at some of the Tulsa hospitals? I started as a CNA in a hospital with no experience - I still work in that hospital, but now for the Cardiology department. Working as a CNA in a hospital is awesome. I still did some bed baths, and some feeding, but honestly, it wasn't that bad (I would have a patient that needed feeding only occasionally - about every 2 weeks, not every shift)! Most of my patients could take care of their own hygiene. I spent a lot of time doing vitals and learning as much as I could! After 6 months working a med-surg floor at my hospital a CNA can transfer to ER - which sounds like something you might enjoy. No showers, no feeding - some slow stuff (stocking - bleh!), but also lots of excitement!

Working in a hospital is what cemented for me that healthcare is right for me. Maybe that's what you need, too? I also started off pre-med, then life got in the way, so I totally feel you. I plan to go to OU-Tulsa next year, so we're kind of in the same boat!

You should come work with me. Hospitals rock. :)

I think I will try again. I applied at st Francis st johns n southcrest but I was turned down :(. But I will go re apply. That could be what it takes to set me. I am rly not a fan of geriatrics which is the only thing you can do in a nursing home lol


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Exactly. I work at OSU Medical Center, and we've got several CNA openings, if those others don't work out. It's not the largest or fanciest hospital in Tulsa, but I work with awesome people and in a positive environment, which makes a huge difference (to me, anyway). Good luck!

Thanks I didn't think about applying there at all thanks for all the help

I can kind of see where you're coming from. I work in an assisted living/home health (we're in a bit of a grey area) and it is very taxing work.. Although I am positive being a nurse is what I want to do, sometimes I shudder at the thought of going to work.

Personally, I think it's because of the type of work I'm doing now. I work with the mentally disabled adults population. It's not where my passion Is, and I don't care for it. However, I do think it's very important to start somewhere--and dammit, where better to start than wiping butts and passing meds!

I think that once you get in to an area closer to your preferred field, things will get better. But, if you cannot make it through the intro stages (bathing, wiping butts, tedious medications) then maybe Nursing isn't where you want to focus.

I worked as a PCT on a high acuity floor and the workload was absolutely insane. I hated going to work, some/a lot of the staff were mean, it was stressful, never a break, etc. However, I loved taking care of people, I loved the interpersonal connection, I did not mind the incontinence because you were helping people that could not help themselves. Nevertheless I dreaded going to work and took every cancel.

If you hate your job but love taking care of pt, nursing is much better than being a PCT. But if you just don't enjoy taking care of sick people then get out.

I love helping people, but I really think I like the exciting stuff and the adrenaline rush i can get,

which at the VA happened only twice the entire time i worked there, once we had a patient choke

that was really exciting, the second while I was giving a pateint a shower (even though i told the nurse something

was wrong with him, cause he was a nasty grayish color and was really out of it) the nurse told me to do the shower anyway sayin it would "refresh" him, he had a heart attack in the middle and died right there in the shower.

But, I don't mind the rounds and the incont. stuff. BUT, i worked with a lazy staff and we were all pretty young (im 19) the oldest one there that was a CNA was a senior aide she was in her 40's everyone else was in early 20's but they called in a regular basis usually eveyr weekend and monday they worked cause the had parties to attend.

Which doubled our already overwhelmed workload. and would split us up. (we were required to address each patient n a group of at least 2, d/t it being a higher functioning alzhiemer/psych unit, where we frequently got beat up and the worst that happened is this LARGE man threw an aide through a glass door) So per a grp of 2 were had approx 26 patients.

The feedings were brutal. we only ever had 4 aides on shift unless our supervisiors were nice and sent down an extra one which rarely happened. So to feed approx 52 patients in an hour was near impossible. Very few could feed themselves and it took a good 45 mins just to get them all to tables because we would put one at a table go get another and the one we just put ther was already gone. So this process took a long time. The showers would not have been terrible had everyone done their share. (there are 26 pts on each side of unit, day shift did one side showers and evenings did other side showers) so 26 pts were getting showers and they had to be all done before supper time. shift started at 3 dinner was at 5. 30 mins were taken to stock carts and give report before showers would begin so that leaves approx 1:30 mins for showers. (half of the patients would be whirlpools which typically take longer than the standard shower) so between four aides 2 would do whirlpools 2 would do showers that means that it should have been about 7 or so pts per aide. BUT half the aides would start playing games like oh i needs a smoke break, or im getting to hot, or i have to go to the bathroom or this taht or the other. so in turn that would leave someone else taking at least 1 if not more of their patients.

Wow this has turned into a HUGE rant! sorry. This just really bothers me, maybe its just the work load i didn't like. and the lazy co-workers.


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