Is Mandatory DNP by 2015 a Done Deal?

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I am aware that the AACN has issued a position statement recommending a DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) to be necessary to work as a new NP as of 2015. I wonder however, does the AACN have the final authority on this, or does this have to be signed off by other regulatory agencies, such as the state Boards of Nursing? We got into a debate in class the other day...some saying yes, it has already been decided and will be a requirement for new NP grads, and others saying no, it is still merely a strong suggestion. Who LEGALLY decides, and has that decision already been carved in stone? :uhoh3:

Have you reviewed the number of schools that have transitioned from a MS to a DNP in the past 3 years? If the market is not demanding the DNP why have the number of schools gone from 4 DNP programs in 2004 to nearly 200 in 2013? Why are there another 30-40 programs in the process of transitioning from MS to DNP.

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A common response from many although I have not seen a reference to support. Have you looked at the number of NP faculty positions? The number of open positions increases every year. I have talked with NP faculty, most are not there teaching secondary to the big $$$. I do know that most faculty make less teaching as compared to practicing full time. there may be some programs, both MS and DNP that are money makers? Thinking more likely those are the private and online programs, although I have not seen the evidence. The cost is usually significantly higher as compared to public universities

Do you mean parity?

I wish it was a done deal.. Even though is not, many schools in many states are already moving toward that direction... limiting the opportunities for MSN options

There are only 3 ways for the DNP to become mandatory, I believe at least two of them have been mentioned. In any case:

1. National credentialing agencies require DNP for certification

2. State BONs require DNP for licensing

3. Universities stop offering MSN level NP degrees

Any one of the three action can make the DNP, more or less, mandatory. So far none of the three have happened or are planned to happen. I actually know of a few universities that have no plans of offering entry level DNP degrees.

The most important reason is missing.

If the DNP becomes a requirement for reimbursement.Recall why the MSN became the standard level of education for the NP.

In addition, I have listened to a ANCC representative suggest the DNP may be required. The DNP will never happen supporters hear what they want to hear.Follow the DNP discussion since 2004, I have never seen nursing move so quickly to embrace a degree. Compare to any other nursing degree, the level of maturation for the DNP has no peers.

I suppose that's true, but it seems more unlikely than the other three. OTOH I gave up predicting the future a long time ago.

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Money for the schools, not the practitioner. Oh, and by the way, why the heck would I give a reference to support if I'm simply giving an opinion on a forum?

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There are plenty of schools that had planned to transition to the DNP but have now decided to keep their MSN programs. Top schools continue to offer the MSN NP programs and are actively recruiting into those programs. The DNP as it currently exists is NOT a clinical degree and is not exclusive to NP's. Many DNP programs focus on education or leadership and don't even offer an NP track!

The school I am enrolled in, Frontier, is switching to the DNP But giving students a MSN allowing them to qualify to test for the FNP before their DNP is completed.

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The school I am enrolled in Frontier, is switching to the DNP But giving students a MSN allowing them to qualify to test for the FNP before their DNP is completed.[/quote']

I know I've heard of a few other schools with online programs doing this too (MUSC!) I think that if a DNP is ever going to be required, following Frontier or MUSC's set up is the best way to go to attract people to attending the program. I hope to go to one of these schools for my FNP. How do you like it thus far?

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